Matrix Design forms new Equipment Division to supply essential support products for underground coal operations.

A leading provider of technology for mining safety and productivity,…

A leading provider of technology for mining safety and productivity, Matrix Design Group, has announced the introduction of an Equipment Division, which features essential support products for coal underground operations.

The new Division has launched with a product line of new or rebuilt Rock Dusters as well as Rock Dust Bins, Dozer Kits, and Refuge Shelters.
“We would like to offer coal mines high-quality new and rebuilt products with an eye toward cost savings,” said David Clardy, President of Matrix Design Group. “During this challenging time, mines need to maximize every dollar, and we feel that combining this new product suite with our outstanding service is a fantastic way to encourage American mining.”

The line of new and rebuilt equipment will include a recently designed 1,000-lb Electric Trickle Duster, 400-lb Electric Trickle Duster, Scoop Flinger Dusters, Pull-behind Electric Beltline Duster, Slurry Dusters, Single and dual, rail or rubber-tired, Pressured Pod Duster, portable and stationary Rock Dust Bins, patented “Bottles Off”-design LifeShelters and Dozer Rescue Kits. The firm says the new Matrix Equipment Division can build new Rock Dusters or rebuild any Dusters that the client may have. While mines can buy ready-made products, Matrix staff will also work closely with customers to customize their purchase.
“We know that the possibilities of a widespread explosion can be greatly reduced when rock dust is applied and maintained according to industry standards,” explained Sam Kinder, Equipment Division Technical Sales Rep, “and that is why standard Rock Dusters are so crucial. We work to meet our customer’s exact needs and work best to support their employees’ safety.”

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