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In this episode we chat with Sam Pazuki, Managing Director…


In this episode we chat with Sam Pazuki, Managing Director and CEO at Matador Mining, an ASX listed junior exploring for high-grade gold with 2 assets, Cape Ray Gold and their Hermitage Project in Newfoundland.

Sam has over 20 years of mining industry experience in senior leadership positions where he advised major mining companies, including BHP Billiton, as a management consultant within Ernst & Young’s Advisory Services practice, and most recently as Senior Vice President, Corporate Development with Oceana Gold before taking the helm at Matador. He gives an update on the company, the current junior exploration market and what are the enablers and catalysts for the mining industry.


  • Matador Mining is a junior exploration company focused on high-grade gold exploration in Newfoundland.
  • The company has a district-scale land package and a strong board of directors with extensive industry experience.
  • The CEO, Sam Pazuki, emphasises the importance of transparency and communication with shareholders in the junior exploration space.
  • The market has been challenging for junior exploration companies, but Matador has secured strong shareholders and raised funds to support its exploration activities.
  • The outlook for Matador Mining includes ongoing exploration activities, a winter drill program, and potential listing on the Toronto Stock Exchange.


“We’ve got a district scale land package on the largest Gold structure that’s significantly under-explored.” 

“The market likes news flow. So you really need to set up a program where you’re doing work for much of the year as possible.” 

“We need to do a better job to lower costs. But a big catalyst is easing of those inflationary pressures, easing of the supply chain issues.”

“We’re all adults here. And, you know, our reputations are on the line, our credibility is on the line.”









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