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In the episode, we chat to Greg Jordaan, Acting Country…


In the episode, we chat to Greg Jordaan, Acting Country Manager for HGS International, a West African-based company who specialise in hydraulic hoses and fittings, lubrication solutions & fire suppression systems. We talk about how companies can fully utilise and maintain their equipment and better cope with the wear and tear of equipment on site through the services that HGS can offer.


  • The most important part of the job is to educate, and to ensure that safety remains high on the agenda; not just for the operator, but also for the capital equipment being purchased.
  • Part of HGS’ remit is to investigate global needs for themselves, and to approach customers on a one-to-one basis, offering solutions for needs.
  • Being part of a project from the outset is important, as it allows the mining company to make full use of HGS measures if their needs should increase. Being on site allows for rapid deployment.
  • HGS has become a major player due to its reliability and accountability in the mining sector. Companies hire them in order to gain peace of mind regarding their projects.


‘I’m actually confident that many of your listeners have already dealt with us’

‘When we see projects, we actively try to get involved’

‘We take away the uncertainty of the status of their equipment’

‘We can take over and manage risks for them!’



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