Malawi: Air Cargo Malawi Touts Opportunities in Mining Sector As Drivers of Economic Growth

Air Cargo Malawi (ACM), a leading air freight company, has…

Air Cargo Malawi (ACM), a leading air freight company, has expressed optimism about Malawi’s mining sector which it says has potential to spur economic growth in line with the government’s development agenda.

The freight company is one of the major players in the mining value chain as it facilitates exporting of rare stones extracted in the country to foreign markets.

During a tour to Mzimba Gemstone Cooperative recently, ACM chief executive officer Thokozani Unyolo pointed out a number of opportunities that if well harnessed can complement efforts to grow the country into an inclusively wealthy industrialised economy by the year 2063.

“People don’t under…

[2:11 pm, 22/02/2024] Watipaso Mzungu JNR : Air Cargo Mw geared to upscale gemstone exports, engages Mzimba miners to cement relations

Watipaso Mzungu JNR

One of the country’s key players in the air freight industry, Air Cargo Malawi Limited, says greater collaboration between local investors in the mining sector and financial service providers is key to the growth of exports in the extractive and mining industry.

The company’s chief executive officer, Thokozani Unyolo, observed this during her tour of Mzimba Gemstone Cooperative, that there is a myriad of opportunities in this upcoming industry especially now when there is more awareness on the value of rare stones by communities.

“People don’t understand much about mining activities, especially those who are financiers in top positions and working in the mining department in Government. Currently, financiers are coming from Mozambique and Zambia because they understand the potential this industry holds. If financial service providers and those Malawians with resources had similar understanding, then this industry would thrive,” says Unyolo.