Johnson Matthey’s priorities: Environmental and Life preservation

Johnson Matthey is a British company that offers emission control catalysts, industrial catalysts, absorbents, process technologies, fine chemicals, active pharmaceutical ingredients, chemical products, medical device components, colors, coatings, fuel cell technology, and battery technology.

Johnson Matthey

Johnson Matthey also refines and distribute gold, silver and platinum. They are considered as one of the major gold refiners and bar manufacturers in the United States. The Johnson Matthey Gold bar is being offered on Bullion platforms. As of August 31, 2022, a 100oz Johnson Matthey Silver Bar is worth 2,409.00 USD and a 1 kilogram Johnson Matthey Gold Bar is worth 56, 068.86 USD.


JM was the first to create a circular economy in platinum group metals and today they are the world’s largest recycler of PGMs. They have designed a system in which they will be able to produce, use, and reuse these metals over and over again with little to no harm to the environment. When it comes to the recycling of precious metals, the organization has a minimum purity requirement of 99.95%. The company is currently working on applying these measures to the battery, fuel cell, and green hydrogen technologies.

In 2021, the company announced a partnership with Stena Recycling Group on technologies with the aim to recycle and reuse the scarce metals that were used in electric vehicle batteries.

Mining technology

Mining can be harmful to human health specially because gas is emitted by diesel engines that can be used while extracting metals. Johnson Matthey created the CRT system technology which combines diesel oxidation catalyst or DOC with a diesel particulate filter or DPF to trap harmful particulate matter (PM) from diesel exhaust. At the same time, it also removes CO and HC.

Platinum prediction

On May 17, 2022, JM predicted that the platinum market would shrink this year. Palladium and Rhodium prices will increase throughout the year. According to JM, the metal market is greatly affected by the Russia-Ukraine conflict since Russia is a major producer. They also stated that the production of automobiles will most likely be lower this year because of semiconductor shortage.

“Platinum demand growth is being driven by its increased use in catalysts for heavy-duty trucks and automakers save money by replacing some palladium with platinum in catalysts for gasoline engines,” said Matthey.
High prices of palladium and rhodium are caused by the thrifting of Chinese automakers. These prices will increase because of the supply risk caused by Russia, the biggest palladium producer.

According to Rupen Raithatha, a JM researcher, Automakers “can’t react that quickly on the amount of metal they use this year or even next year, but if the situation (in Ukraine) continues they may have some flexibility to substitute a little bit quicker than they had previously planned.”

Silver Bullion Items

JM first produced silver bullion bars in the 1980s. They stopped producing these bars a few years ago since Johnson Matthey was recently purchased by Asahi. Because it is quite hard to get these silver bars, they have become quite expensive. Their close competitor, Enghelhard, stopped producing silver bars a few years ago which explains why investors and collectors are a lot more eager to purchase JM silver bars. There are different ways to tell if a JM silver bar is genuine but it is probably best to buy from trusted vaults for guaranteed authenticity. It is worth nothing that silver bars are harder to create compared to other precious metals.

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Johnson Matthey and Sibanye-Stillwater

The two companies announced their strategic partnership on March 19, 2021 with the aim of identifying and developing solutions to drive decarbonization. They are also currently researching ways to utilize pgms and metals in the battery industry. This partnership will hopefully drive circularity and reduce the carbon footprint of different mines that are extracting precious metals.

JM is well-known for their sustainable takes on different technologies such as clean hydrogen production, fuel cell products, next generation battery materials and solutions for the decarbonisation of the manufacturing process for chemicals. Sibanye-Stillwater is a top tier gold producer. Low carbon technologies are essential for running both of these companies to create a more sustainable supply chain for their customers.

According to Robert MacLeod, Chief Executive of Johnson Matthey, “We are delighted to announce this important partnership with Sibanye-Stillwater to accelerate development of the low carbon technologies and sustainable supply chains needed for a cleaner, healthier world. We are excited to bring together our complementary expertise to help secure a more sustainable future for tomorrow’s industry.”

Neal Froneman, CEO of Sibanye-Stillwater commented, “We are delighted to enter into this world-class partnership which further advances our commitment to creating a greener future, by developing technologies for a better tomorrow, utilizing the metals we produce. Fast-tracking green technology and working together to achieve ESG excellence will enable us to continue to improve lives and the environment.”

Johnson Matthey and Asahi Holdings

In 2015, Johnson Matthey officially sold its Gold and Silver Refining business to Asahi Holdings, Inc. or Asahi which is a Japanese collector, refiner, and recycler of precious and rare metals. They were able to complete the transaction on March 5, 2015.

“The divestment of the Gold and Silver Refining business is in line with our long term strategy to focus on areas where we can use our expertise in chemistry and its applications to deliver high technology solutions or that provide a strategic service to the wider Johnson Matthey group,” said MacLeod.

Asahi Holdings is based in Tokyo, Japan and was founded in 1952. They have around 1,700 employees and are currently operating in 6 countries. The organization is also focusing on environmental preservation along with life and health.

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