Iran and Denmark agree to cooperate in Mining and Geology

Jesper Vahr, the newly appointed ambassador of Denmark in Iran,…

Jesper Vahr, the newly appointed ambassador of Denmark in Iran, has expressed interest in increasing the cooperation between Iran and Denmark in mining areas and geology.

The Danish Ambassador made these remarks in a recently concluded meeting with Alireza Shahidi, the head of the Geological Survey and Mineral Exploration of Iran (GSI).
The public relations office of GSI revealed that both sides stressed the importance of improvement of the bilateral cooperation in geology and mining. They also discussed the possibilities of scientific research collaboration in the said area.
During the meeting, Alireza Shahidi highlighted the different activities of GSI in Iran. According to him, the preparation of the West Asia geological maps in UNESCO that includes tectonic maps and Quaternary is the responsibility of GSI.

According to him, GSI has researched to explore karst water in Iran. He also noted that “GSI key responsibilities include the production of mineral exploration information in Iran and educating the locals about the aerial geophysical method, currently used exclusively by Canadians.”
The official sources confirmed that all the chemical laboratories of their organization are well equipped. Modern machinery and equipment are available in GSI laboratories that are not only as per the latest technology but also have higher accuracy and precision as well.
Alireza Shahidi has emphasized the importance of training the specialist resources in GSI. According to him, in the field of international relations, they understand the importance of research and educational relationship with other countries. They had cooperated with European research institutes in the past that include universities from Italy, France, Germany, and the UK to enhance the cooperation in scientific research. He confirmed the cooperation with the Sorbonne University of France last year for the preparation of three-dimensional maps.

The head of GSI has also referred to the different geoscience workshops conducted by his organization in Iran with the collaboration of different European Universities. He described these workshops as key events where Iranian and European geologists have an opportunity to discuss and socialize. He confirmed that these workshops had been converted into webinars due to the recent pandemic to ensure that collaboration between geologists may continue.

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