Invest in African Energy Forum 2024: Uniting Global Industry Leaders in Paris

The Invest in African Energy (IAE) forum is set to commence its second edition on Tuesday, May 14th, in Paris, bringing together key stakeholders from the African and global energy sectors.

Invest in African Energy Forum 2024

The Invest in African Energy forum 2024 is set to commence on Tuesday, May 14th, in Paris, bringing together key stakeholders from the African and global energy sectors. Over the course of two days, participants will engage in discussions, networking sessions, and explore lucrative deal-making opportunities aimed at advancing Africa’s energy agenda.

African Energy Landscape:

The forum will feature the active participation of energy ministries, national oil companies (NOCs), service providers, and regulators from prominent African nations including Angola, Nigeria, Egypt, South Africa, and more. These countries will showcase various projects open to private sector involvement, ranging from licensing rounds to farm-in opportunities, highlighting Africa’s immense potential for energy development.

Ministerial Panel on Energy Transition:

A highlight of the event will be a ministerial panel on the second day, focusing on Africa’s role in the global energy transition. Against the backdrop of evolving energy priorities and international environmental policies, this panel will map out Africa’s trajectory in embracing a just energy transition, ensuring sustainable development and energy security for the continent.

Global Investor Interest:

IAE 2024 has garnered significant attention from global investors, attracting a diverse array of participants including operators, exploration and production companies, technology providers, and financial institutions from the Middle East, Europe, the U.S., and Asia. This international presence underscores the sustained interest in leveraging Africa’s abundant energy resources to enhance energy security both locally and globally.

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Panel Discussions:

A series of panel discussions will delve into key topics shaping Africa’s energy landscape, such as future-proofing the gas and LNG industry, financing renewable energy projects, unlocking investment in midstream and downstream sectors, and exploring emerging opportunities in high-growth markets across the continent. These discussions aim to foster collaboration and innovation in addressing Africa’s evolving energy needs.

Organizer’s Invitation:

Sandra Jeque, Event & Project Director at Energy Capital & Power, the forum’s organizers, extended a warm invitation to energy industry stakeholders to participate in IAE 2024. Emphasizing its significance as a premier showcase of African energy projects outside the continent, Jeque encouraged attendees to seize the opportunity for fruitful discussions and deal-making in the vibrant city of Paris.

As the Invest in African Energy Forum 2024 prepares to kick off in Paris, anticipation is high for two days of dynamic engagement, networking, and collaboration among industry leaders. With a diverse range of participants from Africa and across the globe, the forum promises to be a catalyst for advancing Africa’s energy agenda and driving sustainable development across the continent.

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