Interview with Prasanajit Mishra Founder and Managing Director, Mining Today

Interview with PRASANAJIT MISHRA, Founder & Principal Mining Engineer, Mining Today

Prasanajit Mishra

A seasoned, dynamic, successful & result oriented, leader having strong managerial background in executive level with 14 year experience and cross sector exposure. A good track record of strategic appreciation and vision, able to build innovative business solution and implement in planned & sophisticated way, to convert every opportunity into success and of driving profit and growth.
Possessing excellent client facing and configuration skills and highly successful in helping define company direction, achieving goals and optimizing business. Utilize keen & insights analysis & team approach to drive organizational improvements, implementations of best practices, superior interpersonal skills, capable of resolving multiple & complex issues (Sales, Human Resources, Legal, Financial & Operational) & improving staffs to pick performance.,

Describe your education and professional experience

Prasanajit Mishra: A seasoned, dynamic, successful & result-oriented leader having a strong managerial background in executive level with 14-year experience and cross sector exposure.

A good track record of strategic appreciation and vision, able to build innovative business solutions and implement in planned & sophisticated ways, to convert every opportunity into success and to drive profit and growth. Possessing excellent client-facing and configuration skills in International Mining Business.

Tell us a bit about your prestigious company, “Mining Today” please.


Pransanajit Mishra: We as “Mining Today,” are a team of highly motivated & target-driven team of miners and geologists with a gigantic dream to contribute to the newer exploration and mining techniques and bring about revolution in the long run.

We, together with a century-long experience in exploring and mining minerals, are confident in measuring the mineral potential across the world. We are here to create unique opportunities for our stakeholders by assisting them in finding the right mineral resources that fulfil their expectations. Therefore, mining today is the right place for investing for future generations as this firm is found on experience, built on integrity. So, all of you are welcome to invest today with mining today, RETURNS MATTERA LOT, INVEST WITH US FOR BETTER…

Tell us in detail how did you start your professional career, how did it take a turn towards mining, and how did you reach the current position you are at?

Pransanajit Mishra: My core branch is in Mining, and I have around 14 years of strong experience of working in India as well as Africa in Mineral exploration and Mining. I have always had that strategic vision to build new business solutions and implement in a planned and sophisticated way to convert every possible opportunity into success.

Also, I had a keen desire to construct an optimistic team to develop the best possible practices and skills in this sector which gradually led to the birth of, “Mining Today”.

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Summarize your company business and current projects you are involved in please

Pransanajit Mishra: To collaborate with investors and to make them understand the mineral potential all across the globe.

We do multidimensional analysis before venturing out for the project. As of the investor’s interest, we assist them in getting into the venture timely and cost- effectively. Our core focus is largely to understand the demand-supply game of any particular commodity to reap benefits for the investors. We develop a trustworthy and profitable partnership through transparency and simplicity. Some core competencies of the company include:

  • Merging & Acquisition
  • Investor, Lease Holder & Lender Support
  • Feasibility Studies & Assessments
  • Geology & Mineral Exploration
  • Resource & Reserve Estimation
  • Mine Design & Mine Planning
  • Engineering & Instrumentation
  • Operational Advice to Mine Owner
  • Asset Management

How do you collaborate with investors to make them understand the mineral potential all across the globe?

Pransanajit Mishra: We, firstly, identify all the potential economic mineral deposits throughout the area by employing techniques of Reconnaissance Survey, Remote Sensing, Geological Analysis and Sampling and Technical Investigation and then proceed with the feasibility of the Project by analyzing the risk factors involved too. We make the investors understand the complete Geotechnical and Mining Scenario of the site as well as the future prospective which gives them a thorough idea about choosing the perfect area for exploration/mining.

Please talk about the “multidimensional analysis” that your company undertakes before venturing out into any project.

Pransanajit Mishra: We are not only responsible for the completion and execution of the client’s task in the most professional way possible, but we also deal in fulfilling other needs of the companies/clients as well, such as Claim staking and permitting, Operational strategy, Core drill planning, Resource Modeling, De-Risking, Finance Management of Project, Production Design, etc

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How do you help prospective investors in the mining space?

Pransanajit Mishra: By positioning itself in strategic sectors of the economy, Mining Today is set to bring about a revolution in the mining sector by:

  • Providing solutions that promote 3600 mining development.
  • Support the prospecting and exploration at competitive procedures and pricing.
  • Support investors to achieve global competitiveness.
  • Promote the ore minerals in their respective industry sectors.
  • The businesses we support are human capital driven and generate employment opportunities as well as develop revenues for the country.

Throw some light on some of the project portfolios that you’ve handled so far.

Pransanajit Mishra: We have worked for Manganese and Graphite exploration in Tanzania and found information of very high-grade ore deposits.

We’re also currently on the lookout for Chrome, Iron and Manganese in Zimbabwe and Iron ore and Base metals in Namibia.

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