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In this episode, we chat to Kyler Hardy, CEO of…


In this episode, we chat to Kyler Hardy, CEO of Cloudbreak Discovery who is a specialist, early-stage project generator with a diverse portfolio of mineral assets. Cloudbreak owns equity positions and royalties in a variety of projects across multiple jurisdictions, primarily in the Americas and Africa


Kyler has over 20 years of experience in the resources sector in executive and management positions and talks to us about project generation and the projects they are involved in.



  • Cloudbreak Discovery has evolved. They are a dynamic firm that moves fast.
  • Projects come to them as well as them uncovering new assets.
  • They have already put together 10 major projects. Kyler shares details of some of them in the podcast.
  • Cloudbreak Discovery mainly focuses on basalts and industrial mining like copper, zinc, and lead, sand, and gravel.
  • They are heavily involved in exploiting resources that produce the products that are needed for the green revolution.
  • Cloudbreak Discovery has recently made some strong additions to their management team to give themselves more reach.
  • The firm´s Helium asset is due to reach target depth very soon.
  • When working out which projects are viable, jurisdiction is the most important consideration.
  • The firm is currently exploring the battery metals sector in Africa.


‘We go out and find things that others haven´t necessarily found or deploy technical ideas others haven’t necessarily thought of. ´

‘We´ve been actively reviewing a pretty healthy portfolio in West Africa.’



Website: Cloudbreak Discovery PLC – A project generator for the natural resource sector.

Email: Info@

Twitter: Cloudbreak Discovery plc (@CloudbreakPlc) / Twitter

LinkedIn: Cloudbreak Discovery Plc | LinkedIn




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