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In this episode we chat to Chris Gerteisen, Executive Director…


In this episode we chat to Chris Gerteisen, Executive Director and CEO of Nova Minerals, a minerals explorer and developer focused on gold and lithium projects in North America. These projects include Nova’s Estelle Gold Project in Alaska and the company’s majority-owned Snow Lakes Resources, which is a lithium project in Canada.


Chris is a geologist by background, with 20 years of experience managing and advancing complex and challenging resource projects across North America, Australia, and Asia for the likes of Newmont, Oxiana, and Pan Aust so has a good pedigree behind him.


We talk about the Korbel Main deposit at the Estelle Project as well as details of the drilling planned for Isabella, You Beauty, and Cathedral throughout the Korbel Valley. We chat about their lithium project as well as their stake in RotorX Aircraft company which is exciting.




  • There is a new Alaskan Gold Rush happening.
  • Alaska is very pro-mining. So it is relatively easy to set up and run profitable mines there.
  • Currently, all of Nova Mineral´s Alaskan mining claims are on state land, which makes permitting easier.
  • They have 324 square kilometers of claims to explore, in a very productive area.
  • Nova Minerals is a full year-round operator – despite Alaska´s inclement winters.
  • As well as their producing mines they also have 15 other prospects that are at various stages of advancement.
  • The use of XRT ore sorting and milling has enabled them to upgrade extraction by up to 10 times on some materials.
  • Our resources are very undervalued compared to those of our peers, so there are some opportunities there.
  • The lithium project has 11.1 million tonnes at 1% lithium.
  • Using hydropower enables their Canadian operation to be a low carbon project.
  • Interest in RotorX´s automated electronic-powered aircraft is growing fast.
  • The development of their heavy lift drones is progressing well. As is their electric copter-based urban transport solution.
  • Nova Minerals is just getting started. The best is yet to come.




‘This belt is where the Alaskan Gold Rush has happened. ´

‘Every 6 months we´ve increased the resource by a million ounces.’

‘4.7 million ounces at Korbel alone, RPM coming online and advancing these other prospects……’



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