Impala Rustenburg delivers four social and labour plan projects to local mine communities

Impala Rustenburg proudly announces the successful completion and handover of…

Impala Rustenburg proudly announces the successful completion and handover of four third-generation Social and Labour Plan (SLP) projects, further solidifying the Company’s commitment to community development and upliftment within Rustenburg’s mine communities.

The completed projects include enhancements and expansions to Matale Secondary School and Moremogolo Primary School, infrastructure upgrades at Meriti Secondary School, and the implementation of stormwater system via the Seraleng roads and stormwater project, which significantly improves accessibility and mobility within the community.

Moses Motlhageng, Chief Executive of Impala Rustenburg, emphasised the social impact of these projects, saying: “Impala Rustenburg is proud to have successfully completed these projects, in collaboration with our local stakeholders, which will benefit so many of our community members. Taking place at a time in which our platinum group metals industry is facing challenges, the handover of these projects underscores our deep commitment to the wellbeing of our mine-host communities and our focus on youth development.”


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Rustenburg Local Municipality Executive Mayor, Cllr Shiela Mabale-Huma commended Impala Rustenburg for its collaborative efforts, saying, “I extend my gratitude to Impala Rustenburg for its continued commitment to community development and for delivering these transformative projects. We trust that these facilities will serve as pillars of progress for the Rustenburg community.”

The school and infrastructure projects reflect Impala’s strategic commitment to responsible and sustainable development, which includes fostering growth and prosperity in its mine communities. Through these investments, Impala Rustenburg makes a tangible difference in the lives of community members by supporting local businesses to execute the projects, creating safer travel routes and improving learning environments for school-going youth.



Mr J Kaira, Principal at Moremogolo Primary School said, “We are very grateful to Impala Rustenburg for their support and investment in our school. Their commitment to enhancing our infrastructure has enriched the learning environment and will go a long way to nurturing our learners to help them achieve a brighter future.”

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