Revolutionizing Quartz Mining: TOMRA’s Sensor-Based Sorting Unlocks Full Value Potential

TOMRA Mining introduces cutting-edge sensor-based sorting solutions, revolutionizing the extraction process and enhancing the value of quartz.

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As global demand for high-purity quartz surges, mining operations face increasing challenges to meet precise industry specifications. TOMRA Mining introduces cutting-edge sensor-based sorting solutions, revolutionizing the extraction process and enhancing the value of quartz. Jens Michael Bergmann and Carolina Vargas from TOMRA Mining elaborate on how their innovative technologies are transforming the industry.

Growing Demand and Industry Requirements

The quartz market is projected to grow at an annual rate of around 4% over the next five years, driven by diverse applications across multiple industries. High-quality white quartz is essential for engineered stone production, particularly for kitchen countertops due to its durability and aesthetic appeal. The metallurgical industry relies on quartz for silicon metal and polysilicon, crucial for electronics and photovoltaic cells in solar panels. Additionally, quartz is a key component in producing ferrosilicon for steel manufacturing, requiring varying purity levels.

Challenges in Quartz Sorting

Quartz’s widespread occurrence in various colors complicates the extraction of high-purity mineral required by different industries. Mining operations must deliver consistently pure quartz, free from impurities like feldspar, to meet the stringent requirements of sectors such as silicon production and engineered stone manufacturing. Traditional sorting methods fall short in addressing these precise needs, necessitating more advanced solutions.

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Unlocking Quartz Potential with Sensor-Based Sorting

TOMRA Mining’s advanced Color and Laser sorting technologies offer tailored solutions to efficiently separate quartz by color, composition, and size, meeting specific customer requirements. Their unique Laser sorters, initially developed for the food industry, have been adapted for mining applications, offering a proven, high-purity quartz sorting solution.

Case Study: Ferroglobe

Spanish quartz producer Ferroglobe faced challenges in sorting quartz ore from contaminants with similar color properties. TOMRA’s Laser technology demonstrated its ability to distinguish high-quality quartz, resulting in improved sorting accuracy and higher recovery rates. Thierry Alary of Ferroglobe emphasized the significant operational improvements and potential for further development across different products and sites.

Enhanced Efficiency and Sustainability

TOMRA’s sorting solutions optimize waste removal early in the process, reducing material fed into the processing plant and increasing capacity. This efficiency translates to significant cost and energy savings, contributing to the industry’s sustainability. By sorting materials at the mine, transportation costs and environmental impact are further minimized.

Tailored Solutions and Continuous Support

TOMRA’s in-house expertise and field experience enable them to offer customized solutions that precisely match the needs of individual customers. Their Test Center plays a crucial role in validating proposed technologies, ensuring optimal performance. TOMRA’s commitment extends beyond commissioning, providing ongoing support to maintain peak equipment efficiency.

TOMRA Mining’s innovative sensor-based sorting technologies are transforming quartz extraction, enabling mining operations to meet the high-purity demands of various industries. With enhanced efficiency, reduced waste, and sustainable practices, TOMRA’s solutions ensure profitability and competitive advantage in the evolving quartz market.

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