Groundbreaking Collaboration Steers the Path Towards a Greener Future in Gold Mining

In a groundbreaking environmental and technological collaboration, Australia and Papua…

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In a groundbreaking environmental and technological collaboration, Australia and Papua New Guinea are steering the course towards a greener future in gold mining. The two nations have joined forces in a landmark trial, showcasing an innovative mercury-replacement technology, a brainchild of the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and Clean Mining. This pioneering project, funded by Australia, is a beacon of hope, proving that more sustainable gold extraction is not just a pipe dream but is becoming a tangible reality.

Commencing in May 2022, this venture brought together a tapestry of agencies, including PNG’s Conservation and Environment Protection Authority, Mineral Resources Authority, and key Australian government departments. In the heart of Bulolo, Morobe Province, local miners became the torchbearers of this revolution, putting the new cyanide-free, non-toxic process to the test.

The trial, running from August to September 2023, was not just a success but a revelation. The scientific report highlighted a gold recovery rate that surpassed traditional mercury amalgamation methods. This isn’t just a win for the environment; it’s a new chapter in mining efficiency and local economic empowerment.

Highlighting the global significance of this endeavor, the trial was a focal point of a side event at the 5th Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Minamata Convention in Geneva, Switzerland. On 1 November 2023, the event titled “Exploring Sustainable ASGM Technology in Papua New Guinea” captivated an international audience. The panel discussion, featuring Patricia Torea from PNG’s Conservation and Environment Protection Authority, Sarah Douglass of Australia’s Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water, and Bobby Yavi of the Mineral Resources Authority of PNG, was not just informative but profoundly engaging, underscoring the project’s potential global impact.

Mercury pollution in artisanal and small-scale gold mining (ASGM) has long cast a dark shadow over PNG, posing severe health risks such as neurological damage and birth defects. By flipping the script with mercury-free technologies, we’re not just curbing environmental damage; we’re safeguarding the health of countless miners and their families.

Acknowledging there are still some technical and social-uptake challenges to consider, as this project’s ripples spread, the potential for global application looms large, heralding a possible end to mercury’s reign in gold mining worldwide. Australia and PNG are not just making history; they’re making mercury history with every gold nugget now a symbol of a brighter, cleaner future.


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