From the old coordinate systems to the new standard

The mining industry has long been associated with traditional archaic…

The mining industry has long been associated with traditional archaic systems, but the time has come for change. Neighbouring countries have already embraced digital platforms, and it’s clear that the country needs to catch up.

One of the key challenges Zimbabwe faces in this transition is standardizing the coordinate systems the country uses, a government official has said.

Speaking at the Association of Mine Surveyors of Zimbabwe (AMSZ) AGM and Conference representing the Ministry of Mines and Mining Development, Mr Charles Simbarashe Tahwa said that Zimbabwe is in the process of standardising the old coordinate systems to the new standard.

“We just want to move away from our traditional old arcade system to a new digital platform. It’s easy to do, ease of doing business, and all our neighbours are on that front, and we are the ones that are still lagging behind. One of the key issues is that we have to now standardize the coordinate systems that we use. And I’m sure you should be well aware of which system we are going to be using,” Tahwa said.

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Under the leadership of Gabriel Mwale, AMSZ held its AGM and Conference last week in the resort town of Victoria Falls. The event brought together mine surveyors from various parts of the country and the region to exchange ideas, seek solutions and push forward the survey practice.

Key Issues which were discussed include The Mining Bill and the Role of Surveyors therein, Lobbying for increased technological investments in Mine Survey Offices nationwide, to enhance accuracy, efficiency and safety, Promoting the latest and cutting-edge global best practices and procedures, the Government Mine Surveyor’s Certificate of Competency, National Certification of Mine Survey Assistants to improve the accuracy of survey data collection and measurement and Plenary discussions on improving general services that Mine Surveyors provide to the Mining industry.

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