From Niger to Zambia: GoviEx’s Expansion Plans and the Path to Uranium Production – with Daniel Major – Dig Deep – The Mining Podcast

In this episode we have a returning guest who appeared…


    In this episode we have a returning guest who appeared back in October 2021 (Episode 178). Daniel Major, CEO of GoviEx Uranium, who are a mineral resource company focused on the exploration and development of its African uranium properties in Niger and Zambia and another project in Mali.

    Daniel is a Camborne School of Mines mine engineering graduate and has been at the helm of GoviEx since 2012, developing the company into a position to become a Uranium producer in the near future and is here today to give us an update on the company and about the uranium market in general.

    Daniel is going to be attending Europe’s largest mining event, Resourcing Tomorrow, (Formerly known as Mines and Money London,) which is taking place in London on the 28-30 November, a great platform for the entire mining value chain, fostering learning, lively debates, and providing valuable networking opportunities.


    • GoviEx Uranium is a mineral resource company focused on the exploration and development of uranium properties in Niger, Zambia, and Mali. They have two mine permitted projects in Zambia and Niger, and an exploration property in Mali.
    • The uranium market is currently experiencing a significant rise in prices, with uranium prices jumping 12% over the past month and reaching the highest levels in 12 years. This is driven by factors such as increasing demand for nuclear power, the need for clean energy sources, and concerns about security of energy supply.
    • The coup in Niger has affected the company’s plans for the Madaouela project, as it has put a pause on the debt financing process. 
    • The Muntanga project in Zambia is a low-cost, open-pit heap leaching operation with favourable economics. It has a net present value (NPV) of $189 million at the current uranium price, and the company believes there is potential to further improve the project’s economics.


    “The uranium market is actually flying at the moment. We’ve been talking about supply and demand fundamentals changing and improving, tightness in the market, declining inventories, all these good things. And then finally, the clock is right, and it’s absolutely flying.” 

    “If you want clean energy, you can’t do it with renewables alone. And certainly, if you want it to be commercially viable, you can’t do it with renewables.” 

    “We’re now able to make sure that our Zambian project is pushing forward while we wait to resolve what is going on in Niger. We keep pushing forward on that”

    “The momentum is definitely in the uranium market. As we said, we’re massively undervalued. We’ve got two great projects. You’re getting one of them for a third of its value and the other one you get for free. And it is a complete leverage. So if that changes around, you get all of that uplift that’s sitting there in that project as well.”


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