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In this podcast episode, we chat with Andreas Steckenborn, COO…


    In this podcast episode, we chat with Andreas Steckenborn, COO of Borealis Mining Company, a privately owned gold company who have a project located within the Walker Lane Gold Belt in Nevada, US.

    Andreas, who is an active listener of the show is going to tell us more about the Borealis project, their plans with the drilling program, and what they’re looking to achieve. We also discuss how we should connect with the next generation of engineers, geologists, and other mining graduates who are entering our industry.


    • Borealis Mining Company is a privately owned gold company with a project located in the Walker Lane gold belt of Nevada in the US.
    • The company has a history of mining in the area and has produced 650,000 ounces of gold since the 1980s.
    • Borealis is located in one of the largest epithermal alteration zones in Nevada, which provides the potential for a large-scale mineable deposit.
    • The company is currently conducting a 7,500-meter drill program to further build the resource and explore new prospects on site.


    “We’re starting a drill program. It’s going to be the biggest drill program that’s taken place at the mine since 2006.” 

    “I think precious metals has a value from an ethical perspective in that people work very hard to earn their money to make a living.” 

    “Living those values, both on the why of what you do and also the how you do it.” 

    “We have a permitted project, as I said, we have a plant, and I think we have very good potential and a great outlook to bring this mine back into production in the 2024 period.”








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