Fortescue uplifts First Nations employees

Image: T. Schneider/ Fortescue has partnered with Curtin University and…

Image: T. Schneider/

Fortescue has partnered with Curtin University and the Pilbara Kimberley University Centres to launch a pilot program for its First Nations employees.

The Graduate in Fortescue Together (GIFT) program provides an opportunity to First Nations employees to pursue higher education in engineering and allows participants to undertake a Curtin University undergraduate certificate in engineering at the Pilbara University Centres. The undergraduate certificate is fully funded by Fortescue.

The inaugural GIFT cohort comprises 12 Fortescue employees, with an equal gender split and ages ranging from 28–49.

“The GIFT program is so impressive because it’s a remarkable opportunity to get a foot into the world of engineering with the full support and funding of Fortescue,” Fortescue Metals chief executive officer (CEO) Dino Otranto said.

“This program will drive long-lasting positive change and opportunity for our First Nations team members, while creating exciting new career pathways as we continue to upskill our people.”

As part of the undergraduate certificate, Curtin University staff will teach four learning units: engineering foundations, sustainability and renewable energy, fundamentals of programming, and resources, processes, and materials engineering.

“We’re thrilled to be a part of the GIFT program, contributing to the creation of exciting new career pathways for First Nations talent in engineering,” Pilbara Kimberley Universities Centre CEO Susan Grylls said.

“The GIFT program is a vital step towards empowering First Nations talent in the Pilbara region. By providing an accessible and tailored educational experience, we aim to support students in building successful careers in engineering.”

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