Fleet Of Innovative Mining And Mineral Exploration Technologies

For surface and underground mine mapping, Burgex Mining Consultants has…

For surface and underground mine mapping, Burgex Mining Consultants has announced the addition of the ExynPak from Exyn Technologies to its fleet of sophisticated mining and mineral exploration tools.

“LiDAR” stands for “light detection and ranging.” A newer industrial breakthrough is active remote sensing using a laser scanner, GPS, and inertial navigation. Akin to the ping heard in a war movie submarine scenario, LiDAR employs laser pulses with their timed reflectance to identify the target distance in the same manner that SONAR uses sound waves and reflection. Figure 3 depicts this procedure.

Because it can see through dense foliage, LiDAR is a unique tool for mapping the terrain. Repetition at a rate of up to a million times per second allows you to swiftly and correctly create a point cloud of target reflections in 3D space, allowing you to gather data in places where traditional topography, satellite pictures, or photogrammetry cannot.

The ExynPak, with its gimballed Velodyne Lidar sensor and survey-grade precision, is a leading pioneer in high-accuracy mobile mapping for mining and exploration. Rapid, survey-grade 3D mapping without GPS is possible using simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM). Maps created with this technology may be used in difficult-to-map underground mining situations.

Mining and mineral exploration projects benefit significantly from high-resolution maps of underground and surface mining operations. Using Lidar’s 600K point per second rate and 360° horizontal field of view, slopes, faults, and other geological features may easily be detected in real-time. An additional layer of capability for geologic mapping and mine planning projects is provided by ExynPak’s two FLIR Chameleon3 RGB cameras, which can colorize points and produce point clouds with an accuracy of 3cm.

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Portable Lidar and airborne data collecting provide mining and mineral exploration projects a new degree of modeling flexibility available at many other mining consulting organizations in America. The Burgex team can employ geo-referenced base surveys and maps to link subsurface and surface Lidar surveys, resulting in a fully modeled project that can be used for mine planning, exploration programs, and other purposes. The Burgex Mining Consultants’ UAV fleet now includes a DJI Matrice 300 RTK (M300), giving the company more expansive access to the skies to collect data. The M300 can concurrently carry up to three payload sensors and gather data more effectively than other UAVs. The M300’s maximum transmission range is 9.3 miles, and its maximum flying duration is 55 minutes. The IP45 water and dust protection certifications and the higher operating temperatures allow for use in a wider variety of field circumstances.

Modern methods are being used to locate mineral reserves. It’s part of a US Geological Survey effort called Earth MRI—or Earth Mapping Resources Initiative—that tries to discover geological formations throughout the United States that may contain “critical minerals,” as defined by the Department of the Interior. Industrial and military uses for such minerals range from mobile phones to missiles. A pandemic or a trade war may disrupt the minerals’ supply chains, making them particularly vulnerable.

EARTH MRI BEGAN with an executive order from the Trump administration in late 2017 to design a government plan for vital mineral resources. EARTH MRI BEGAN with an executive order from the Trump administration in late 2017. Soon later, the Department of the Interior discovered 35 such minerals or mineral groupings. For 14 of these minerals, the United States is entirely reliant on other nations and is at least 50% reliant on another 16 countries. Batteries and aircraft components benefit from lithium and aluminum, whereas semiconductors and metal alloys benefit from tellurium and titanium. The most contentious category was uranium, which the United States had already reduced its mining of significantly.’

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