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In this episode, we chat with Steve Cope, President and…


In this episode, we chat with Steve Cope, President and CEO at Silver Viper Minerals Corp who are a Canadian-based junior mineral exploration company focused on precious metals exploration in Sonora, Mexico, and operates its 100% owned La Virginia Gold-Silver Project, acquired from the most recent operator, Pan American Silver Corp.

Steve’s mining experience has covered a wide range of areas including financing companies, project evaluation, investor relations, and mergers and acquisitions. He has been with Silver Viper since 2016. Steve shares his story and gives us an update on Silver Viper Minerals, whats happening in the Mexican mining industry, and discusses the silver market in more detail around supply and demand and pricing.


  • Silver Viper is taking a cautious approach to capital allocation, focusing on mapping, sampling, and exploring new areas to understand the project better.
  • The company has discovered new areas on the project, indicating potential drilling targets and new discoveries beyond El Rubi, showcasing the project’s exploration potential.
  • Geophysical work has revealed a deep target below El Rubi, suggesting a significant gold, silver, and base metal system that could be a game-changer for Silver Viper.
  • With an updated resource estimate expected at the end of the year, Silver Viper aims to expand its resource base, potentially exceeding a million ounces equivalent with room for further growth.
  • Despite current challenges, a positive market shift could significantly benefit Silver Viper, potentially leading to substantial growth and increased investor interest in the company.


“We made our discovery at the El Rubi area after taking over the project. It’s, you know, we produce some pretty spectacular grades.”

“The AMLO regime has not been the best for mining companies and mining exploration companies. It hasn’t affected our exploration work.” 

“It’s the first time we’ve ever been paused and not drilling on the project and we’ve really been playing catch up on mapping, sampling, exploring the project.” 

“You look at a company like Pan American Silver, who was the number two silver producer in the world, and for that company to survive, they become a gold company.”


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Rob Tyson is the Founder and Director of Mining International Ltd, a leading global recruitment and headhunting consultancy based in the UK specialising in all areas of mining across the globe from first-world to third-world countries from Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia. We source, headhunt, and discover new and top talent through a targeted approach and search methodology and have a proven track record in sourcing and positioning exceptional candidates into our clients’ organisations in any mining discipline or level. Mining International provides a transparent, informative, and trusted consultancy service to our candidates and clients to help them develop their careers and business goals and objectives in this ever-changing marketplace.




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Rob Tyson is an established recruiter in the mining and quarrying sector and decided to produce the “Dig Deep” The Mining Podcast to provide valuable and informative content around the mining industry. He has a passion and desire to promote the industry and the podcast aims to offer the mining community an insight into people’s experiences and careers covering any mining discipline, giving the listeners helpful advice and guidance on industry topics. 

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