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In this episode, we chat with Kerem Usenmez, President and…


In this episode, we chat with Kerem Usenmez, President and CEO of Metallum Resources who are a Zinc & Copper focused base metal resource company headquartered in Vancouver. They are involved in the mining and mineral development of base metals with interests in North and South America.

Kerem has a geology background and a wide range of career experiences and is here today to talk about Metallum Resources, the progress they are making in this great mining jurisdiction and talk more about Zinc as a metal.



  • Metallum Resources is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchanges (MZN)
  • Their flagship project is located near Thunder Bay, Ontario, which already has excellent road, rail, and port connections.
  • They have about two million tonnes at 18% zinc, 1% copper, 34grams per tonne of silver and half a gramme per tonne of gold
  • Their project has almost twice the world´s average percentage in copper richness terms and extremely rich zinc deposits.
  • Using current prices, the EBITA numbers reach $80 million, per year.
  • The team are experienced mine developers as well as explorers.
  • Relationships with the main First Nations group and other communities are currently good.
  • For zinc for the next 5 to 7 years, there will be a deficit.
  • Plus, the demand for zinc-air batteries is growing rapidly. Potentially, creating an even bigger deficit.
  • Metallum Resources are perfectly placed to take advantage of this demand gap.



‘It’s an exciting time for mining, especially for zinc and copper. ´

‘We have one of the highest-grade deposits, in the world, for zinc.’

‘Very profitable because of the low CAPEX numbers and very very high-grade ore.’

‘I think this is the right project, with the right commodities, at the right time.’



Twitter: @metallumzinc

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/metallum-tsxv-mzn

Facebook: @metallumzinc

Instagram: https://instagram.com/metallumzinc?utm_medium=copy_link

Website: https://www.metallumzinc.com/












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