Evogen Tri-Vend High Capacity No-Touch Menstrual Care Product Dispenser Is the Ultimate Hands-Free Solution

The new Evogen® Tri-Vend High-Capacity No-Touch Menstrual Care Product Dispenser from Hospeco Brands Group, which comprises Acute Care, Adenna®, HOSPECO®, Nilodor®, and other popular brands, provides three solutions at once.

Hospeco Evogen Tri-Vend
  • Holds 86 total products, helps prevent germ spread with touchless vend

First, the one-of-a-kind dispenser improves comfort and convenience for patrons, with greater product choice and an inviting, hands-free experience; second, the unit allows staff to spend less time stocking product; and, finally, the modern, hands-free dispensing action helps prevent the spread of germs and illness by eliminating yet another contact point in the restroom.

The innovative, high-capacity dispenser takes public restroom hygiene and convenience to the next level by vending tampons and pads to guests free of charge. The dispenser has the capacity to hold 36 pads and 50 tampons at the same time. Pads can be 36 of the same kind or 18 each of two different kinds, for added customer choice.

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The Evogen® Tri-Vend High-Capacity No-Touch Menstrual Care Product Dispenser answers the call for large-capacity dispensing to serve high-traffic areas such as airports, arenas, casinos, amusement parks, concert venues, lobbies, high-volume manufacturing, governmental buildings, and lecture halls. Adding to the convenience for managing restroom care for crowds, the new and thoughtfully designed FastBulk™ Refill allows maintenance teams to open the dispenser and draw down the machine’s inner works for bulk loading of menstrual care products in seconds. It translates into cost savings with less time required to maintain the unit because 86 total products are added at each refill.

Product vends when patrons present their hand in front of the sensor. When the sensor has engaged, the dispensing area alights with a purple glow, providing assurance the dispensing process has begun. A five-second delay after vending discourages malicious use.

Hands-free dispensing is increasingly a must-have in public spaces. The Evogen® Tri-Vend High-Capacity No-Touch Menstrual Care Product Dispenser is the latest offering in Hospeco Brands Group’s state-of-the-art line of no-touch, hands-free products designed to reduce the spread of germs and illnesses in public restrooms. The touch-free feature also contributes to a more upscale atmosphere by enhancing guests’ overall comfort and experience.

The free-dispense function satisfies growing public demand to treat menstrual care products as a necessity rather than a luxury. A global movement is advancing the idea that these essential items should be provided on a complimentary basis in public restrooms, just like soap and toilet paper. Hospeco Brands Group is proud to join with other Period Partner® groups in standing up for people’s menstrual needs.

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