Eureka Gold Mine Shines with Impressive Results

Dallaglio Investments, a leading player in the gold mining industry…

Dallaglio Investments, a leading player in the gold mining industry in Zimbabwe, has been making waves at its Eureka gold mine.

The mine, located in Guruve, has been producing impressive results over the past few years, achieving a 93 per cent gold recovery rate at Eureka.

According to the Eureka Mine General Manager, Eng Nelson Banda, the mine started off at 420 kg in 2021, leapt to 1617 kg in 2023, and is forecasted to produce 1660 kg in 2024.

Eureka gold mine was officially commissioned in 2021 after a 20-year hiatus, producing a total of 420 kg of gold, setting the stage for a successful operation. The output for that year was from September to December.

The following year, in 2022, the production skyrocketed to 1420 kg, showcasing the potential of the mine and the expertise of Dallaglio Investment in maximizing its output. This significant increase in production was a result of various improvements in mining techniques and the best technology from its CIL plant, which is rated as one of the best in Africa.

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In 2023, the Eureka gold mine continued its winning streak, producing a total of 1617 kg of gold. This steady growth in production over the years has not only solidified Dallaglio Investment’s position in the industry but also proven the sustainability and profitability of the Eureka Mine.

Looking ahead to 2024, Banda said the mine has forecasted to produce 1660 kg of gold.


  • 1906-1995: various phases of small-scale UG mining (to 4-Lvl; <120m). 12,220oz (380kg) @3.8g/t
  • 1995-2005: Delta Gold. Open pit, Heap Leach operation. Mined to <50m from surface. 1 millions tons was processed @ 1.78g/t yielding 57,228oz (1,780kg) Closed due to gold price & deteriorating stability. Placed on Care & Maintenance in 2003.
  • 2005-2018: Shaft-Sinkers (Mmakau Mining/IDC): Deep drilling for UG mining (22 holes; 9,407m). Installation new shaft down to 2-Lvl. Processed old ROM boulders and re-treated the HL. Placed on Care & Maintenance in 2006.
  • 2018: Dallaglio purchased Delta Gold which owned Eureka Mine from Mmakau Mining and the IDC of South Africa in April
  • 2018 with CTC approval granted in March 2019.
  • Total of 46 RC holes drilled, totaling 4,000 metres and a total of 133 diamond core holes totaling 21,000 metres (21kms).
  • A total Resource (including Inferred) of 16.6 million tons at an average grade of 2.24 g/t, delivering 1,199,080 ounces (to a depth of 650 m).
  • A total Measured and Indicated Resource of 12.9 million tons at an average grade of 2.29 g/t delivering 945,807 ounces.
  • In-pit reserves of 0.75g cut off 6,922,883 tonnes at 1.87g/t totaling 12,923 kgs or 415,468 oz down to a pit depth of 230 metres.
  • The Special Grant has been converted into 53 Mining Blocks and 6 Registered sites
  • 5 competent persons reports have been done since the 1990s, with the latest one completed in 2012 by TWP Projects. Dallaglio have reviewed and verified these reports.
  • The extent of the ore body has only been explored to a depth of 650m (open ended beyond 650m)
  • Eureka will initially be operated as an open-pit mine
  • The plant will have a processing capacity of 100,000 tons/month.

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