Ethiopia – Mining Investors Eyeing Int’l Market

ADDIS ABABA- Investors engaged in Ethiopia’s mining industry have envisaged…

ADDIS ABABA- Investors engaged in Ethiopia’s mining industry have envisaged penetrating international market.

In an exclusive interview with The Ethiopian Herald, Founder and CEO of World Gem Foundation, Geoffrey Dominy expressed ambition to penetrate international market with Ethiopian Gem product.

However, he said it requires the government’s support in facilitating market linkage and raising public awareness about the merits of the mining industry.

“There is so much potential here [in Ethiopia]. It could create revenue not only for investors, but also for the government,” he said.

He recommended the government to adopt initiatives that could help gem extractors to make Ethiopian gems available in the international market.

Ethiopian gems are capable of penetrating global market easily because of their unique features and quality, Dominy noted.

He also said that MINTEX expo (which held recently) had created exposure by showcasing mining products.

The expo is also very important to understand how local and foreign companies are striving to develop their businesses in the mining sector, the CEO mentioned.

“Ethiopia, for example, has still untouched potential of opal gems. We need to develop a concerted effort to benefit from this particular sector,” he added.

Addis Ababa Sells Representative of Chinese Company, Di Yuan Ceramics for north Ethiopia and Addis Ababa regions, Yeabtsega Zewdu on his part said that the company is receiving raw materials from Ethiopian miners.

Di Yuan Ceramics has been manufacturing ceramics and construction inputs and satisfying large demand in the country producing 34,000 to 40,000 meter square ceramic per day, he said.

The government of Ethiopia has set directions to enhance the mining sector, so stated Mining State Minister, Million Matewos.

As to him, the government has reformed the sector in consideration of encouraging existing investors and attracting new ones to increase the earnings from the sphere.

However, he indicated that absence of technology and capital are still the major challenges despite the abundant mineral potential.



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