Erdene Secures $80M to Build Mongolia’s Largest Gold Mine

Erdene Resource Development Corp. and Mongolian Mining Corporation had executed…

Erdene Resource Development Corp. and Mongolian Mining Corporation had executed debt finance agreements worth up to US$80 million to finance the development of the high-grade, open-pit Bayan Khundii Gold Project in southwest Mongolia.

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 We are very pleased to close the financing for the Bayan Khundii Gold Project with our strategic partner MMC, Mongolia’s leading publicly traded mining company. With the first gold scheduled in 2025, Bayan Khundii will be one of the highest grade, open pit gold mines globally and Mongolia’s largest primary gold producer when it reaches full production.

Peter Akerley, President and CEO, Erdene Resource Development Corp.

Akerley continued, “The strengthening of our relationship with MMC through this financing supports our goal of creating a major new mining district in southwestern Mongolia. With MMC’s experience in large-scale mining, expertise in construction, power supply, transportation and logistics, and national and international relationships.”

 The Bayan Khundii Gold Project will form a strong foundation for future growth in the Khundii Minerals District. Together we will grow the Mongolian mining sector, increase the industry’s contribution to the national economy, and create value for our shareholders.

Peter Akerley, President and CEO, Erdene Resource Development Corp.

Bayan Khundii Financing

Erdene and MMC signed a financial agreement to build the Bayan Khundii Gold Project. The funding is set up as a shareholder loan from MMC to Erdene Mongol LLC which is a joint venture between Erdene and MMC and has the mining licenses for Bayan Khundii, Altan Nar, and the extremely promising Ulaan exploration license.

The US$50 million shareholder loan will finance the building of the Bayan Khundii gold mine and processing complex.  Up to five tranches totaling at least US$5 million may be drawn from the loan. The loan will mature five years after the initial draw date, and interest will be charged at a rate of 13.8 %, which will be paid in arrears every three months.

The first four interest payments are capitalizationable at EM’s discretion. When the loan matures, it will be fully repaid. Under the same conditions, MMC may choose to make available an additional US$30 million. Additionally, EM and commercial banks in Mongolia are negotiating a loan package for up to $30 million.

A 50 % guarantee from Erdene and Erdene’s interests in the Project, including its shares of EM and NSR interest and preferential rights over the Khundii, Altan Nar, and Ulaan licenses, will finance the shareholder financing. Under the terms of the companies’ Strategic Alliance agreement, MMC will have first dibs on Erdene’s Zuun Mod project and priority voting rights for as long as the loan is outstanding.

 Erdene also has the option to become a lending shareholder on the same terms as MMC and buy 50 % of the loan.

This funding comes after MMC invested US$40 million as part of the Strategic Alliance Agreement to acquire a 50 % equity stake in EM. MMC will contribute a maximum of US$120 million toward the Bayan Khundii Gold Project’s development. The Strategic Alliance’s highlights are as follows:

  • The main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange lists MMC, as the largest mining firm in Mongolia that is traded worldwide.
  • MMC has made a $40 million investment in EM, Erdene’s Mongolian affiliate that had the Ulaan exploration license in addition to the Khundii and Altan Nar mining licenses.
  • In addition to the first 400,000 ounces of gold recovered, Erdene is still the owner of a 50 % equity position in EM and a 5.0 % Net Smelter Return royalty on production from the Khundii, Altan Nar, and Ulaan licenses. Erdene also retains ownership of any properties purchased within a 700 km2 area of interest.
  • The massive Zuun Mod Molybdenum-Copper deposit and Khuvyn Khar Copper project, which are around 30 km east of Bayan Khundii and next to a proposed railroad development, are both owned 100% by Erdene.


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