Earth AI announces maiden Ni-PGE-Cu discovery with Legacy Minerals using AI

Earth AI, a predictive explorer and driller for clean energy…

Earth AI, a predictive explorer and driller for clean energy metals, has announced a maiden nickel-platinum group elements-copper (Ni-PGE-Cu) discovery in Fontenoy, New South Wales, made through artificial intelligence (AI)-driven exploration, and in partnership with Legacy Minerals, an Australian-based explorer for high grade gold, copper, and base metal deposits. The discovery is the second Earth AI has made in the past five months.

“Currently, there is a race for critical metals to fuel the renewable energy transition. The number of new discoveries has decreased by 73% over the last decade, and the development of old deposits often occurs in an environmentally unfriendly manner. Our AI for mineral discovery is key to the diversification of the global critical metals supply chains by finding maiden deposits in unexplored areas at a fraction of the usual cost. The discovery in Fontenoy, the second for us after the recent discovery of a greenfield molybdenum deposit, confirms that the future of mining lies in our technology,” commented Earth AI’s CEO and Founder, Roman Teslyuk.

This AI-driven discovery is particularly significant at a time when essential ‘clean energy’ minerals like copper and nickel face shortages despite substantial investments in exploration. Earth AI stands out by identifying nickel, copper, zinc, and vanadium mineral prospects over 100 times faster and cost-effectively than traditional methods. Leveraging its high-accuracy predictive AI technology, which has been extensively trained on continent-wide remote sensing, geophysical, and exploration datasets, Earth AI has an industry-best deposit discovery rate of 66% success rate in identifying mineral prospects, in stark contrast to the industry average of 0.5%.

“Earth AI’s new search for magmatic-related nickel-copper sulfides and PGE’s is frontier exploration in this part of New South Wales, and unlocking a new mineral terrain there is a pretty groundbreaking feat. We are exceedingly pleased with this maiden discovery,” said Legacy Minerals CEO and Managing Director, Christopher Byrne.

In addition to its predictive technology, Earth AI pioneers proprietary drilling hardware, featuring the Zero Disturbance Mud System and Mobile Logistics System. This innovative hardware streamlines site movement and logistics, eliminating the need for groundworks while accurately determining drilling parameters, significantly reducing environmental impact. Earth AI already has partnerships with leading market players such as Legacy Minerals, Kincora Copper and Tivan.

“We cannot change humanity’s need for non-renewable resources, it has always been and will be there. However, we can make methods of exploration and extraction much more efficient and environmentally friendly. Investing in modern AI-powered technologies allows us to make a green transition while maintaining a responsible approach to the development of deposits. I believed in Earth AI technology when they were just starting their journey, and today we have tangible evidence that it is indeed taking mining to a new level,” added Mikhail Taver, Partner at Taver Capital, Earth AI investor and board member.

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