Deutsche Goldmesse 2022 in Frankfurt

The Deutsche Goldmesse has been organized on May 27-28, with…

The Deutsche Goldmesse has been organized on May 27-28, with most video contributions and interviews now being released. Kitco sent over their mining specialist, Michael Mc Crae. A short overview of interviews and contributions.

Buy hard assets to protect yourself from currency risk, said author and market analyst Marc Friedrich. 

In May Friedrich, Founder of Friedrich & Partner, spoke to Kitco at the Deutsche Goldmesse conference in Frankfurt, Germany: Central banks and governments have been trying to navigate a pandemic, inflation and a war in Europe, which has disrupted trade and economies. Governments were highly accommodative during the pandemic, but debt levels grew. 

“I think we’re witnessing the end of our fiat monetary system,” said Frierich. “We see the balance sheets of the American central bank and the European central bank, and they’re just going parabolic.To protect your purchasing power, you need assets which are limited through nature or math, like bitcoin or real assets. Real assets are the best method to protect your purchasing power in troubled times.”

Regarding which hard assets to buy, Friedrich singled out tin, copper and uranium.

“I’m a big fan of tin, because you need it for everything. Without tin you don’t have a mobile phone, you don’t have a Tesla, you don’t have a MacBook. Copper is the most precious metal, actually. Copper is the most important [metal] to industry. And of course uranium since you need a reliable source of energy.” 

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What you need to know about the Golden Triangle – Blackwolf Copper & Gold’s Rob McLeod

Unlike mining, exploration still hasn’t seen a big step forward from technology, said Blackwolf Copper & Gold CEO Rob McLeod. In May he spoke to Kitco at the Deutsche Goldmesse conference in Frankfurt, Germany. 

Mining has seen big changes due to automation and electrification, which is fundamentally how mines get built. Exploration has just seen lots of little advances, said McLeod. 

“There’s no silver bullet,” said McLeod, who said the smaller advances are coming from better geological science and more sophisticated tools for modeling. “But really it’s [about] good boots on the ground and drilling.”

Vancouver-based Blackwolf Copper & Gold (CVE:BWCG) is a mineral exploration and development company focused on base and precious metal projects located in southeast Alaska. Blackwolf’s main asset is its 100% interest in the advanced exploration stage Niblack copper-gold-silver-zinc project located on Prince of Wales Island in southeast Alaska.

Blackwolf is on the Alaska side of B.C.’s Golden Triangle, an important exploration and mining region in the province. Highlights from the area last year was Newcrest acquiring Pretium for $2.8 billion and Newmont acquiring GT Gold for $393 million. 

During the video, McLeod highlighted some of the major movers and shakers in the region.

The senior gold miners are ‘printing money’ – Soar Financial CEO Kai Hoffmann

The gold price is proving resilient as markets have moved lower, said Soar Financial CEO Kai Hoffmann. 

On Wednesday Hoffmann spoke to Kitco at the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference, the same day the S&P 500 dropped 4%, its worst one-day decline since June 2020.

“Volumes have disappeared. People are just selling trying to raise cash, but the gold price is hanging in there,” said Hoffmann. “I’ve had a couple conversations over the last few days and we’re fairly positive.”

The mining sector has been divided up into winners and losers. Exploration and development companies have performed poorly while senior gold miners and some royalty companies have seen better stock prices relative to the entire market. It’s only been a bit over three years that gold was in the $1,200 ounce range.

“[The senior gold miners] are still benefiting from fairly high gold prices. If you look at where we came from—$1,200  to $1,800 a ounce gold—they’re printing money more or less.”

Hoffmann will host his own show, Deutsche Goldmesse, in Frankfurt running from May 27 to 28, 2022. 

Financial sanctions against Russia have ‘backfired dramatically’ – Matthew Piepenburg

“The financial sanctions have backfired dramatically for Western nations and the Western economies, the US dollar in particular,” said  Piepenburg. 

In March Russia invaded Ukraine. Financial sanctions imposed on Russia included cutting off some Russian banks from SWIFT, a global payment network for financial institutions. Russia’s FX reserves were also frozen. That was good headlines good chest puffing, a good kind of political virtue signaling…but when you weaponize the US dollar in that way the genie can’t be put back in the bottle. Piepenburg said the the consequence has been to make the US dollar look less neutral and more biased. Countries outside the West are going to seek other financial alternatives, so they are not exposed to similar risks.


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