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In this episode, we have a returning guest who appeared…


In this episode, we have a returning guest who appeared in Jan 2022 (Episode 205). Oliver Hasler, Chairman and CEO of PYX Resources who are the 2nd Largest Producing Mineral Sands Company Globally based on zircon resources on their large operation in Indonesia.

Oliver has qualifications in mineral engineering and metallurgy and has a background in natural resources, manufacturing and the industrial sector and gives us an update on PYX which has gone through a massive growth phase in 2022. They also commenced the production of rutile and ilmenite, two critical minerals that they are stockpiling and Oliver explains why.


  • Our production grew by 129% and we increased sales volumes by 38%
  • In 2022 with permits and we started the production of rutile and ilmenite which we are stockpiling, when we start to sell it will have a positive impact on our bottom line
  • It’s predicted the gap between supply and demand will continue to grow
  • Zircon is a critical mineral in the transition to carbon neutral as it’s used for energy cells and electric car batteries
  • It’s important to be able to react quickly to customer demand and having stock closer to the market reduces shipping costs and time


‘We have done exactly what we said we would do in our five-year plan in 2020’

‘We started to produce rutile and ilmenite’

‘I’m constantly looking for opportunities to add to our group with a focus on synergy’


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