CGrowth Capital Discovers Promising Lithium Deposits in Tanzania

CGRA Mining Inc. announced the successful conclusion of field mapping…

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CGRA Mining Inc. announced the successful conclusion of field mapping and sample operations intended to ascertain the possibility of lithium (Li) deposits on a few prospecting concessions it owns in Tanzania’s Dodoma Region.

CGrowth Capital Inc. is a public holding corporation for alternative and undervalued assets. The company, which presently has two divisions, Mining and Sports Technology, is agnostic to sectors and industries.

The company’s investment strategy is centered on growth-oriented opportunities where its resources, including cash, knowledge, and expertise, can contribute to the creation of substantial added value for shareholders.

Since Metminec (Pty) Ltd was chosen to carry out this exploratory project, the work has undergone independent verification by qualified individuals in compliance with JORC, SAMREC, and NI 43-101 industry standards.

Thirty-two rock samples were gathered during the field mapping phase and sent to the SGS Laboratory in Mwanza, Tanzania, for ICP-OES (Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometry) geochemical analysis.

This analysis aimed to ascertain whether these rock types included any economically important elements, especially lithium. Twenty-two samples have been found to contain traces of lithium, with the highest recorded content being 44 parts per million (ppm), according to testing data for the 24 samples received thus far.

Furthermore, most samples have displayed ratios suggesting possible enrichment in rare elements, highlighting the region’s potential for lithium extraction.

This discovery is noteworthy because the concession region is home to pegmatites, known for their ability to contain significant spodumene deposits. One of the most concentrated sources of lithium is sporumene, a crucial lithium aluminum inosilicate mineral in high demand for extraction.

Due to its extraction efficiency, it has a significant advantage over other lithium sources, including lithium brines. Spodumene is a well-established mining method used for lithium extraction since it can be mined and processed more efficiently and predictably than these other sources.

Positive samples were obtained in the project area’s southern and northern regions, which is encouraging as it indicates a broad distribution of lithium over the entire project. The widespread occurrence of lithium-bearing rock is indicated by this consistent distribution, which raises the possibility of a sizable and commercially viable deposit.

 To determine the exact grade and amount of the possibly extremely large lithium deposit that has been discovered and to evaluate the entire extent of this intriguing distribution, further investigation and analysis will now be conducted.

The positive samples have been sent to South Africa for additional analysis at the SGS Laboratory using the ICP-MS (Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry) device, per Metminec’s suggestion.

It is anticipated that this cutting-edge method will offer a more thorough examination of the gathered samples, guaranteeing the greatest standards of accuracy. Furthermore, SGS has been asked to use XRD (X-Ray Diffraction) analytical methods to help identify and quantify the minerals contained in the supplied rock samples.

The results announced today not only justify the unwavering belief management has held in this project from the outset but also bring immense satisfaction as this belief is now supported by concrete, undeniable, and unquestionable evidence. This milestone is a testament to our team’s dedication and the potential we envisioned from the very beginning of this project. These findings are particularly encouraging, given that they have been obtained from only 10% of our overall tenement area, which in total spans more than 500 km2.

Nicolas Link, Chairman, CGrowth Capital Inc.

Nicolas Link said, “This early success hints at the vast potential that remains untapped across the larger concession, underscoring the need for further exploration. Moreover, this exciting hard rock spodumene discovery, coupled with the resurgence in the lithium sector, instils great confidence in our team and highlights the exceptional potential this project has.”

In response to this significant milestone, we have instructed the Metminec team to immediately undertake follow-up sampling and drilling at the locations showing the highest traces of lithium and to continue working towards the completion of our Preliminary Economic Assessment during Q2 of this year.

Nicolas Link, Chairman, CGrowth Capital Inc.


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