NioCorp’s existing mineral resource needs to include more rare earth INFO


NioCorp Developments Ltd. is pleased to share the results of rare earth assays on drill core samples from the Elk Creek Project that were obtained through an agreement with the University of Nebraska’s Conservation and Survey Division (CSD). These samples came from the Elk Creek Project. A total of 1,094 samples from 18 diamond drill […]

Economists Say Rare-Earth Prices Would Climb Due To China And Myanmar

rare earth elements

According to the Global Times, since China-Myanmar border gates reopened in late November, Myanmar has resumed exports of rare earths, and analysts say that the price of rare earths in China is likely to lower. However, price rises are possible in the long term because of China’s focus on carbon emission reductions. Customs clearance for […]

CEO Of Talon Metals Corp. Praised President Joe Biden And Congress


Infrastructure investment and jobs plan that included considerable budgetary support for EV adoption, EV charging infrastructure, and more than $6 billion for growing battery materials production capacity in the United States was signed into law by President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner. President Joe Biden and Congress have been praised by Talon Metals Corp, […]

Altilium’s Dni Method Extracts Nickel From Low Nickel Ore

Dni process

The Altilium Group and PT Indo Mineral Research, a part of the Sebuku Group, one of Indonesia’s largest mining conglomerates, have agreed to invest financial, technical, and logistical resources to accelerate the DNi Process’s implementation in Indonesia. The DNi technique developed by Altilium allows for the extraction of nickel from ore that contains less nickel.  […]

World’s Richest Known Hard Rock Lithium Deposit Located In Step Falls, Maine, USA


Several miles northeast of Sunday River’s ski slopes and not far from Step Falls, Maine, USA, is the world’s richest known hard rock lithium deposit. It’s not the first time a large deposit has been found in Maine; smaller deposits have been known for decades north of Plumbago Mountain, near Newry.  And the scope of […]