World’s Top 5 Nickel Mining Stocks

Nickel Mining Stocks

The mining industry has been one of the most highly researched industries due to its importance in our daily lives. It is one of the fastest-growing industries in the World, and the demand for nickel mining companies is increasing. This is because nickel is a valuable metal used in many different products.

Top 5 Largest Gold Mining Companies In The World 2022


The world’s top five largest gold mining companies in 2022.
Unlike paper currency and many other sorts of goods, Gold has held its worth over time. Metal was first employed to manufacture beautiful things by tribes in modern-day Eastern Europe about 4,000 BC. It is now a global enterprise with activities on every continent except Antarctica.

What’s slowing down the world’s copper production?

Copper production

Global phenomenon and innovations are keeping the copper industry afloat amid the international crisis, particularly with the rising demand for electric vehicles, limited copper production, and low inventories. The industry remains positive that the dynamics in the market will continue in the coming periods as more economies reopen, especially its largest partner China.

Electric Vehicle Manufacturers Outlook 2022: Top 10 EV Battery Manufacturers Globally


With soaring demand for electric vehicles (EVs), the Li-ion EV battery sector is now a US$ 39.41 Billion dollar industry. High demand in the EV sectors resulted in Asia becoming the hotbed for innovation and manufacturing batteries. The largest battery manufacturers are from the Asian continent, concentrated in China, Japan, and South Korea. As Western […]

Russia-Ukraine saga: 5 best mining stocks to watch out for

mining stocks

Media conglomerate Bloomberg earlier this week reported that the ongoing geopolitical tensions have amplified mining stocks in precious metals, especially gold, with this particular commodity reportedly doing the best on the market.