Labor Shortages And Delays, Rio Tinto Predicted Lower 2022 Iron Ore Exports


The Gudai-Darri project’s new greenfields mine has been delayed, resulting in a somewhat weaker-than-expected iron ore shipping prediction from Rio Tinto on Tuesday. According to a statement from the world’s largest iron ore producer, it aims to export between 320 and 335 million tonnes (Mt) of iron ore out of the Pilbara area in Western […]

Rio Tinto: cut its full-year iron ore export estimate owing to “modest delays”


Permanent border restrictions imposed due to the current coronavirus outbreak in Western Australia, the world’s largest iron ore and lithium mining area, have limited the movement of fly-in, fly-out employees between states. A development boom on the east coast, fueled by the government, is forcing miners to compete harder for competent labor when they need them most.

Anglo American Acknowledged Conversations With Vale Regarding Serpentina Iron Ore


Both companies have held early conversations regarding the possibility of developing Vale’s Serpentina deposit, which is adjacent to Anglo American’s Minas-Rio iron ore plant in Brazil, together, according to Anglo American’s press release. While Anglo did not disclose the specifics of its “processing and logistical infrastructure,” Vale has said that the cooperation might use Anglo’s […]

Iron Ore: A 2021 brief and is ahead in 2022

iron ore

In 2021, the price of iron ore took a wild journey. In May, prices soared to a high of $237 per tonne before plummeting to around $85 in November on China’s vow to cut steel production. The iron ore price surge was considered to be over in November. However, in recent weeks, the metal has […]

China’s Growth Engine Declining: Iron Ore Too Not Very Bright

iron ore china

It’s been a year unlike any other. Iron ore, a leading indicator of the Chinese economy and a major driver of the Australian currency, is enjoying its wildest year ever. Prices soared to a high of more than $230 a tonne in May, plummeted to around $85 in November as a result of a government […]

Plan submitted to explore on state nonferrous metallic minerals lease

State Nonferrous Metallic Mineral Leasing

Vermillion Gold Inc. (VGI) submitted a proposed plan to explore metallic mineral deposits on leased state mineral rights about 11 miles southeast of Big Fork, Minnesota in Itasca County. VGI’s plan proposes drilling exploratory borings. VGI drilled exploratory borings in the area last winter and as recently as this fall. This winter, VGI plans to […]