Top five countries with the largest coal reserves in the world

Largest coal reserves

Coal is a valuable energy source, and it has remained this way for years. All thanks to its combustible properties. Like fossil fuel, it is one of the cheapest options available for most countries worldwide. So, the world uses it as primary energy and fights for its electricity. Here is the list of the top five countries with the largest coal reserves in the world.

Indonesian coal miners demand an end to a government coal export ban


Coal miners in Indonesia want the government’s coal export ban quickly lifted since it has caused fuel costs to soar and threatens to disrupt the energy supply in some of the world’s most developed nations. Anxieties about its ability to satisfy its own electricity needs prompted Indonesia’s biggest thermal coal exporter, Indonesia, to threaten to […]

Coal is Dying at 3X speed: Government’s Transition Plan Needed!


According to a report released last week by the Australian Energy Market Operator, coal is likely to be totally phased out of Victoria’s electrical system by 2032, with most other parts of Australia not far behind. The research, dubbed the 2022 Integrated System Plan, confirms what many of us in the energy policy community have […]

Mining Tragedy Russia’s Deadliest Since 2010, In Same Area


Siberian authorities have put five persons in detention for two months in connection with the mining tragedy that killed more than 50 people earlier this week, reports the Siberian Times. It has been announced that three supervisors of the Listvyazhnaya coal mine have been sentenced to stay in detention until the end of January on […]