BullionVault Gold:  World’s largest online investment gold services

As of August 16, 2022, Gold Price is 57.30 USD per Gram on BullionVault. The highest price for this week is $58, 122.68 and the lowest is at $57,008.42.


BullionVault is one of the world’s largest online investment gold services that has over 100,000 users from all over the globe. It is part-owned by Gold Bullion Investment Trust or GBIT and Augmentum Fintech plc. This online platform has also received numerous awards such as Best Gold Broker Reader’s Choice Awards and they were also a winner of three Queen’s Awards for Enterprise.

A lot of traders and investors choose BullionVault because they have low rates for buying and selling, dealing in any size, next-day withdrawals, high-security vaults, daily audit, wholesale storage rates and insurance. You can also set your own price, deal in your own currency and deal at any time of the day. 

How it works

BullionVault allows you to open an account for free as well as deposit funds and it also includes insurance. If you want to buy or sell gold, silver, platinum or palladium, there will be a 0.50-0.05% commission rate. It all depends on the sum of all purchases. BullionVault also allows you to store gold, silver, platinum or palladium.

They have different fees (insurance included) for each type of metal. You may refer to their website for further information about the buying, trading or selling of precious metals if you are interested. You can also sell and transfer funds directly to your bank account. Since they offer a professional delivery system, you will be able to save more on delivery and fees. 

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Why we need BullionVault

Private investors and individuals do not have access to professional vaults. This simply puts their precious metals at risk. The price of these metals may also be affected by the physical appearance and condition of the metal itself.

This is why keeping them in a safe, dry place is important.. BullionVault also has the best prices for gold and silver which is good for trading and investing. Since BullionVault is in the professional market, you’ll be able to have access to a part of a good delivery bar or even an entire bar or precious metal. BullionVault metal is insured and stored according to the wants of the client. It is their own legal and physical property.

BullionVault is also user-friendly since they have a website and even an actual app that can be downloaded through the Google Playstore or App Store. The interface of their website is easy to use as well, it is very self-explanatory. 



BullionVault was founded by Paul Tustain on October 27, 2003 in London, United Kingdom where their headquarters are also located. In an interview with Mike Norman, Paul Tustain explained how he started his company when he bought a ‘strange’ contract. He didn’t own physical gold and it wasn’t a futures contract.

Instead, it was unallocated gold. This simply means that he was bookkeeping at a bank because of this, he had the idea that more people would want to do this. Even if he wasn’t aware that he bought this contract at first, it actually led him to a lot more opportunities than just owning a gold bar. Gold was usually priced in US Dollars and of course it was harder for him to trade and convert, especially when his money is in Euros.

That is why he decided to make BullionVault available to trade, buy and sell with all of the currencies that there are. He also thought that a lot of people might be interested in this since they do not have to actually store their own physical gold when they can have it stored in their storage units in different parts of the world which you can read more about on their website. There are a lot of foreign investors outside the United States and he wanted to cater to them as well.

As of today, they have gold stocks basically everywhere, from London, Zurich, New York and even Singapore. In total, they now have 4 investors including Augmentum Fintech and Pinton Capital. They have also raised at least $18.3M since 2003. 

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Safety and Security

You may choose where you want to store your bullion: Zurich, Switzerland, London, United Kingdom, New York, USA, Toronto, Canada or Singapore. They have chosen to establish storages in these locations because they cover the most active bullion markets in the world.

If you are wondering why bullions are not stored in banks it is because banks do not operate with precious metals. They make money by providing credit and executing transactions. Bullion is 100% committed to the protection of your bullion. It is insured (viewable on the website)  and it exists under the jurisdiction that you personally choose. You also have access to your account 24/7 but of course it is secured by cryptographic methods. 

BullionVault also has a “Burglar Alarm”. Whenever suspicious events occur on your account, BullionVault will automatically send an SMS message to the mobile number that you provided upon registration to keep you informed.

BullionVault opted for SMS to ensure that you can monitor your account even if you aren’t near a computer. They will also send SMS messages whenever your account is logged in, an order is placed and a withdrawal request is entered. You can set up your account according to your preferences, just go to the settings page. 

Everyday, BullionVault publishes proof of ownership which you can see on the website. You’ll be able to see your own public nickname which you can also set in the settings page. BullionVault is committed to keeping their records as transparent as possible together with their burglar alarm, insurance arrangements, single route out for your money, rapid transferability and all the other elements that are included in their security features.

Furthermore, the ownership of precious metals may immediately change once you buy it or sell it. It is all under the BullionVault Terms of Business which you will encounter once you sign up for an account or simply by going to their website.

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