Brazil Potash Provides Aid in Autazes Wildfire Crisis with Urgent Response Measures

Source: Brazil Potash The Autazes region, located 112 kilometres from…

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Source: Brazil Potash

The Autazes region, located 112 kilometres from Manaus, has been experiencing a significant increase in wildfires, prompting urgent response measures to support the affected environment and assist the socially vulnerable communities nearby. In response to the intensifying fires exacerbated by the dry river season, Potássio do Brasil, a Brazil Potash subsidiary, has stepped in to provide humanitarian and environmental assistance to the municipality of Autazes.

Adriano Espeschit, President of Potássio do Brasil, commented: “This is a moment of humanitarian aid where everyone must come together for the sake of the environment and, above all, the people. We are collaborating with the community, and their issues are our concerns as well, so we are joining forces in the fight against wildfires in the municipality.”

Following a request from the Indigenous Mura Council (CIM) for clean water for the indigenous people of the 36 villages in the municipality, Potássio do Brasil supplied two water trucks to address the water shortage during the crisis. The trucks were delivered over the weekend to the CIM’s headquarters. In addition to water supply, Potássio do Brasil donated 40 sets of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to local firefighting teams to help ensure their safety while battling the blazes.

More than 20 firefighters are working tirelessly to control the wildfires within the rural communities of the municipality. Their efforts are part of a broader collaboration that includes the Autazes Environmental Department, Municipal Guard, Civil Defense, Traffic Department, Camera Monitoring Center (Ciops), Civil and Military Police, and the Fire Department.

Potássio do Brasil is also extending its support to the state government by providing essential food baskets for distribution to families in social vulnerability, both indigenous and non-indigenous, throughout the state.

The company, which has plans to produce potash fertilizer in Autazes, is actively involved in various socio-economic and environmental projects aimed at benefiting the local population.



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