BRAVURA: Feasibility Studies Initiated After Successful Exploration

Bravura Holdings has completed exploration work for its platinum project…

Bravura Holdings has completed exploration work for its platinum project in Selous and is currently undertaking feasibility studies before proceeding with the construction of the mining and processing plant. The consortium secured a 3,000-hectare concession in Selous in 2019, with an extension of the concession granted later. In response to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the company conducted extensive exploration to define the resource, and the results have been deemed satisfactory.

Project geologist Mr Farirai Kambanje, speaking during a site tour, highlighted that Bravura conducted thorough drilling, covering a grid of 250 by 250. This effort, amounting to almost 40,000 meters of drilling using the company’s drilling rigs, provides confidence in the project’s potential. Independent evaluation by a competent person from South Africa further affirmed the viability of the underground resources, bolstering Bravura’s assurance in the project’s feasibility.

Civil and construction works are poised to commence soon, pending necessary approvals. The Zimbabwean government’s push for the expedited implementation of approved mining projects aligns with Bravura’s timeline. The company aims to contribute to the country’s ambitious US$12 billion mining industry target.

According to the World Platinum Investment Council (WPIC), Zimbabwe holds the world’s third-largest known platinum group metals (PGM) resource along the mineral-rich Great Dyke. Bravura’s resources, located deeper than other mining projects, necessitate underground mining due to their depth, contrasting with shallower deposits on the western side of the grid line.

Mining Engineer Mr Chenjerai Siyamanyanga revealed that Bravura had completed the pre-feasibility study and was progressing to the feasibility study stage. Plans for the positioning of the box cut and the processing plant have been identified, and the company is advancing the necessary studies. An extensive assessment of hazards, risks, and operational modalities has been submitted to the Environmental Management Agency (EMA) for approval.

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Additionally, Bravura has shifted its focus to a lithium deposit in Kamativi, Matabeleland North Province, anticipating an earlier commencement than the Selous PGM project. The surge in Zimbabwe’s platinum production in 2023, exceeding half a million ounces, marks a significant milestone for the industry. Despite global price challenges, platinum production reached a record 507,000 ounces, driven by strategic investments that enhanced operational stability. Zimbabwe’s platinum sector, with key players like Zimplats, Mimosa Mining Company, and Unki Mine, is poised for further growth with upcoming and expansion projects valued at over US$8 billion.


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