Brass Knuckle SmartSkin nitrile gloves: Double-dipped for double protection and grip

Two coats of NBR for extra protection against the worst…

Two coats of NBR for extra protection against the worst jobs on the planet

Dimapur, August 20: If you are wondering why the  Brass Knuckle SmartSkin nitrile gloves (BKNITR2) are double-dipped, it is because double-dipping in nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) provides wearers twice the protection and grip. Chemicals, oils, and the most hazardous cleaning solvents are all resistant to nitrile, as are bodily fluids and waste. SmartSkin is the best choice if you work with unpleasant substances and need to keep your tools safe.

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SmartSkin is made up of nylon shell

SmartSkin is made up of an 18 mil nylon shell with a full NBR overcoat. Then, a second coat of NBR is applied on full fingers and palms, with a sandy finish that is extra grippy even when wet. The second coat provides extra resistance to abrasions, tears, and punctures in critical wear areas, in addition to increased grip (nitrile has three times the puncture resistance of latex).

SmartSkin nitrile gloves

Those in the gas and oil industry also prefer SmartSkin gloves as a barrier. When working around oil operations or transferring process fluids, these workers require impermeable gloves that protect against skin exposure. Nitrile provides excellent protection in these and other applications.

Chemical-related injuries affect approximately six out of every 100 professional janitors, including skin burns caused by harmful chemicals found in cleaners. Bloodborne pathogens, germs, and plain old yuck must all be avoided by these workers.

When you don’t want to touch something but your job requires it, SmartSkin takes the brunt of the punishment for you, protects your skin, and makes it easier to grip tools.

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