Booyco win proximity detection order in African nation of Namibia

The engineering contractor of the mine, Murray & Roberts, selected…

The engineering contractor of the mine, Murray & Roberts, selected Booyco to install the CXS proximity detection solution on 19 mining machines for an underground stop-over horizon project in the Wolfshag region of the mine. The deal’s financial details were not disclosed.

“Our equipment will help achieve the highest level of safety by mitigating the risk of collisions between pedestrians and vehicles, and between vehicles, on this project. The installation of our CXS units is in line with the commitment by the mine and the contractor to achieve zero harm in the workplace.”


Along with GPS and radio frequency technology for vehicle detection in surface applications, Booyco CXS features very low frequency (VLF) technology for pedestrian detection.

Lourens noted that the CXS system of the new generation being used in the project is a “a true collision avoidance system” rather than just an alert system.

“The CXS system on this project will deliver Level 7 and Level 8 capability in terms of the Earth Moving Equipment Safety Roundtable (EMESRT), and can also accommodate Level 9,” he says, referring to the ideal EMESRT working group that is establishing mining safety standards.

In one of Otjikoto’s depleted open pits for the underground stop horizon project, Murray & Roberts are planning to create a 5×5 meter drop from the orebody.

With a wide range of equipment including drill rigs, dump trucks, load-haul-dumpers and utility vehicles required, as well as shotcreting and ancillary equipment, this will require the project to be mechanized.

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