B&N Mining Properties Acquires Historic Land Package in California’s Rand Mining District

B&N Mining Properties, LLC is proud to announce its recent…

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B&N Mining Properties, LLC is proud to announce its recent acquisition of a significant land package in the heart of California’s Historical Rand Mining District. The centerpiece of this acquisition includes the historic Kelly mine and most of the Atolia tungsten mines, which date back to 1919 and 1904 respectively and were previously recognized as one of the richest silver mines and tungsten-producing districts in the United States.

The District offers significant untapped gold potential predominantly in hard rock and placer-style deposits, enhanced by silver and tungsten, a valuable and strategic asset poised for further definition.

This landmark acquisition aligns with B&N Mining Properties’ commitment to sustainability and revitalizing historical mining regions amid exceptional commodity prices and global mineral constraints. Responsible development of the Rand Mining District projects has the potential to bring significant socio-economic and employment opportunities to local communities and the surrounding area. It will also help meet the growing demand for gold, silver and tungsten.

Robert Binkele, Managing Member, B&N Mining Properties says, “Our acquisition of the Kelly mine and the Atolia area is more than a strategic move for B&N Mining Properties; it’s a commitment to preserving and revitalizing a piece of American mining history. The two sites, with their rich legacy, present an unparalleled opportunity for us to contribute to the industry’s heritage while meeting the demands of today’s dynamic market.”

B&N Mining Properties’ due diligence of the property included validating 49 historic drill holes, resulting in a new NI 43-101 compliant mineral resource estimate. The assessment revealed an initial gold resource of 306,000 troy ounces with positive economic outcomes. Building on these findings, B&N Mining Properties successfully completed the property acquisition. Moving into the next phase of exploration will enable B&N Mining Properties to identify optimal new drill hole locations and potentially expand the mineral resource. The gold and silver system spans over 8,000 feet, with only about 2,000 feet drilled to date. The remaining unexplored areas, marked by historical mining developments, offer a promising opportunity for additional precious metal exploration.

Sam Shoemaker, Project Manager, John T. Boyd Company added, “We are poised to delve into the depths, unearth new treasures, and reinvigorate mining operations to meet the rising demand for future metals. We firmly believe that these projects will not only yield tomorrow’s metals but will position us at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge resources today. This acquisition marks a significant stride in our commitment to sustainable resource development and underscores our dedication to meeting the evolving needs of the metals industry.”

Against the backdrop of last year’s record-breaking growth in gold demand, this acquisition positions B&N Mining Properties at the forefront of a potential major bull market. Environmental permitting of the project is underway, and many exploration phases have already received permits from the Bureau of Land Management and San Bernardino County.

Interested investors are invited to explore the growth and opportunity associated with this historic acquisition by visiting https://bnmininginc.com/ for more information.

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