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BHP Mitsubishi (BMA) welcomed 30 new apprentices from across Queensland…

BHP Mitsubishi (BMA) welcomed 30 new apprentices from across Queensland to start their new apprenticeships.

This year’s cohort marks the fourth consecutive year that there are more female apprentices than male among the group, with a mix of school leavers and mature apprentices entering the program.

Each apprentice has prior work experience in BMA’s Work Readiness Program at the Emerald TAFE, focusing on what the program entails and what the apprentices can expect when beginning work with BMA.

“It’s been another great intake of apprentices this year and the work readiness program has been a good opportunity to welcome them to BMA and prepare them for their future careers, focusing on safety and explaining why this our number one focus while on site,” BMA apprentice coordinator Andy List said.

“They all had such interesting stories to tell and it was fascinating to capture their enthusiasm. I’ve met many new apprentices throughout my time at BMA and I can’t wait to see how their careers develop.

“I’ll be eager to watch how they integrate into the different sites, with new skills to learn and new teammates to meet.”

The apprentices will specialise in a broad range of trades, including electricians, mechanical fitters, diesel fitters, auto-electricians and boilermakers.

“This experience is life-changing for me,” new apprentice Keira said.

“I’m fresh out of school and moved from Cooktown to start in the industry and I’m looking forward to creating a new life, but I am most excited about being hands on and developing skills which will see me gain a trade that I’ll take with me into the future.

“Every person I have met so far has been encouraging, friendly and I have found it so easy to approach them to find out more to understand what I’ll be doing.”

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