Belt Cleaner Monitoring: The Smart Way

The mining industry is in the midst of a revolution….

The mining industry is in the midst of a revolution.

Belt Cleaner Monitoring: The Smart Way

Updated safety protocols have drastically decreased harmful incidents to workers. Specialised belt conveyor products have pushed the boundaries of profitability. Recent technological improvements have given plants data that drives key decisions.

This widespread adoption of belt technology has prevailed in the past few years, with the implementation of a smarter and more sophisticated system for conveyor belt monitoring. Simply put, mining facilities are getting onboard with IOT.

What is IOT?

IOT stands for the ‘Internet of Things’, and is often referred to as ‘Industry 4.0’.

Conceptually, IOT is all about taking a holistic view of a technological system, identifying potential problem areas, and seeing which parts fit together to create the most productive and efficient process.

The simplest way to demonstrate how an IOT operates is to consider the example of the ‘smart home’. A security camera system can notify its user of a disturbance, a smart speaker or display device can be prompted to start music in the living room, and a digital thermostat’s temperature can be changed from the checkout line of the grocery store.

All these pieces communicate by way of one key denominator: a wireless connection via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth®, or cellular technology.

IOT for mining facilities

Where exactly does the mining industry intersect with IOT?

Just like the data collected in a smart home, the data collected in a mining facility helps drive decisions and yield better results.

By installing IOT technology throughout key areas of the belt conveying process, mining facilities can better analyse their belt conveyor performance. One such area that has been the focus of many IOT systems is the belt conveyor cleaning system.

Whether it is a primary cleaner, precleaner, or a secondary cleaner, every belt cleaner is an essential component of a belt conveyor system. Not only do they efficiently remove excess carryback from the belt, but they also can add an extra layer of safety to a plant’s operations.

IOT developers know how important a properly maintained belt cleaning system is for mining facilities. As a result, many of them are focused on creating innovative solutions that give plant managers the tools they need to make better decisions.

Some of these IOT solutions have become increasingly advanced in recent years. Through cloud-based and real-time dashboards, users can get a better understanding of specific problems that a plant is experiencing and how they can go about fixing them by using data.

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