Bear Creek Mining’s New VP Enhances Strategic Partnership with Sandstorm Gold

Sandstorm Gold Ltd. has recently reported a strong performance in the second quarter, along with some significant strategic developments.

Sandstorm Gold

Sandstorm Gold Ltd. has recently reported a strong performance in the second quarter, along with some significant strategic developments.

Sandstorm Gold Ltd., a leading company in the gold royalties sector, has just released its second-quarter sales and revenue for 2024, showcasing another strong period in its financial performance. Mark your calendars for August 1, 2024, when the company will unveil its highly anticipated financial results. 

Dividend and Shareholder Engagement

Sandstorm Gold announced a quarterly dividend of C$0.02 per common share, which will be paid on July 16, 2024. This announcement highlights the company’s dedication to providing reliable returns to its shareholders. In the recently published report on the 2024 annual shareholder meeting, it was emphasized that there was significant involvement and backing from shareholders regarding the company’s strategic path.

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Strategic Investments and Operational Milestones

Sandstorm has expanded its investment portfolio by allocating $4 million in financing to Upbots, a market-making firm in the virtual asset space. This investment is set to be distributed over the next two years. This strategic move is intended to strengthen Sandstorm’s presence in the rapidly expanding digital assets market.

In May 2024, Sandstorm made a noteworthy announcement about the successful pouring of the first gold from the Greenstone Gold project, marking a significant milestone in their operations. This development showcases the company’s impressive operational efficiency and its knack for successfully completing projects.

 Demonstrated Proficiency in Management

The company’s success can be credited to its skilled and knowledgeable management team.

  • Nolan Watson, President & CEO, played a key role in the establishment of Sandstorm Gold in 2008. Watson’s extensive experience in finance and the mining sector has played a crucial role in driving the company’s growth. As a Chartered Financial Analyst, he has utilized his expertise to great effect.
  • Erfan Kazemi, Chief Financial Officer, joined Sandstorm in 2011 and has extensive experience in finance and accounting from his previous role as a Senior Manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP.
  • David Awram, Senior Executive Vice President, is a co-founder of Sandstorm and brings over 20 years of experience in the resource sector. He has played a crucial role in structuring and negotiating the company’s streaming and royalty agreements.
  • Marcel de Groot, the Chairman and co-founder, brings a wealth of experience in structuring, financing, and managing public companies. He also co-founded Pathway Capital Ltd., a successful venture capital firm.
  • Ron Ho, Vice President of Finance, has been a valuable member of the Sandstorm team since 2010. Throughout his tenure, he has played a crucial role in financial reporting, treasury management, and corporate development.

Announcement of Collaboration with Bear Creek Mining

Sandstorm’s market position is strengthened by its strategic partnerships. In a recent development, Bear Creek Mining Corporation has welcomed Andrew Swarthout as the new VP of Exploration and Geology. This move is anticipated to strengthen Bear Creek’s exploration capabilities, aligning with Sandstorm’s interests as Bear Creek progresses its mining projects.

With the approaching release of its detailed Q2 2024 financial results on August 1, 2024, Sandstorm Gold Ltd. showcases its strong financial standing and forward-thinking approach. Sandstorm’s strong management team, strategic investments, and operational milestones have positioned the company well for sustained growth and value delivery to its shareholders.

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