AstaZero expands its test facility for complete mine testing

RISE (Research Institute of Sweden) testing facility AstaZero is expanding its products and testing capabilities.


The highlight of this expansion is the introduction of a common site automated test facility that enables comprehensive testing of automated off-road vehicles and their digital systems.

AstaZero partnered with Volvo Autonomous Solutions

On November 8, AstaZero partnered with Volvo Autonomous Solutions to celebrate the launch of the “Universal Site” test environment, which includes a complete mining truck test area covering charging, charging, energy management, mission control, and optimization.

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Peter Janevik, CEO of AstaZero, stressed the importance of this development and said: “Generic Site is an example of how RISE and AstaZero are helping industry partners take decisive steps in advancing automated, sustainable, and safe transport systems.” Test and verification capabilities are critical to delivering automated systems for closed environments. “
The inaugural event provided participants with a unique opportunity to see autonomous vehicles and machines in action up close. They also had the opportunity to gain insights from executives and officials from Volvo Autonomous Solutions and AstaZero, who provided valuable insight into their progress in this dynamic field and its impact on the future of the transportation industry.

Nils Jaeger, President of Volvo Autonomous Solutions, said: “This test facility represents an initial commitment of approximately SEK 40 million and demonstrates our concrete commitment to transforming freight transport in mines and quarries while improving safety levels for all involved.”

“The results of the work performed at this new test facility will enable us to expand and strengthen relationships with industry partners and drive our customers’ future success on their path to automation.”

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