Approval for Exploration on Robinsons River Salt Project

Vortex Energy Corp. has announced that their Application for Exploration…

Vortex Energy Corp. has announced that their Application for Exploration Approval for the 23,500-hectare Robinsons River Salt Project has been approved by the Mineral Lands Division, Department of Industry, Energy & Technology, Newfoundland and Labrador. RESPEC Consulting Inc., who has been commissioned to carry out the proposed work on behalf of Vortex, submitted the permission application on August 24th, 2023.

Vortex Energy Receives Approval for Exploration on Robinsons River Salt Project
Robinsons River Drill Site A & B. Image Credit: Vortex Energy Corp.

Two diamond-cored wells can be drilled on the property under the terms of the drilling permission. The wells are made to determine the geological characteristics of both salt and non-salt rocks, as well as the depth of salt structures.

The planned exploration work will be completed by RESPEC, an integrated company and industry leader in salt cavern development, who will take the lead on all necessary tasks, including project management, well design, procurement, active drilling, and wireline management, data collection, testing, and technical reporting.

Through the previously announced collaborative research collaboration between Vortex and the University of Alberta, the company will also give core samples to the university for hydrogen testing and sampling.

We are excited to move forward with this inaugural diamond core drilling program on the Property. The Company will use the funds that it was awarded under the Junior Exploration Assistance Mineral Incentive Program towards this drilling program. We believe the Robinsons River Salt project could become a cornerstone of economic growth in the region and we look forward to continuing to liaise with the local community with respect to the project.

Paul Sparkes, Chief Executive Officer, Vortex Energy Corp.

In an attempt to ensure that the company’s exploration program on the property complies with all environmental and safety norms, the company is dedicated to collaborating closely with the local community and government organizations.


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