Diamond hunting attracts illegal immigrants from Democratic Republic of Congo to Angola

Dundo – Diamond mining continues to attract illegal migrants from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to Lunda Norte province, requiring defense and security agencies to step up inspection measures.

illegal mining

Domingos Muanafumo, spokesman for the National Police of Lunda Norte province, who presented preliminary data from the cleanup operation on Monday, said many Lunda-Norte citizens were trying at all costs to cross the border, enter Angola illegally and develop Diamond mining. . “Sometimes with help from Angolans.”

He said that 37 diamonds, 6 cars, 5 excavators, 1 mini washing machine, 39 electric speed bumps, 279 gravel crushers, mopeds and 279 motorcycles were seized during the operation.

He said that in addition to funds, $2,600, 470,000 kwanzas and 30,150 liters of fuel were confiscated from citizens involved in illegal mining.

He also emphasized that 506 citizens of the Democratic Republic of the Congo were arrested on suspicion of illegal mining and emphasized that due to their irregular stay in Congo, they were immediately repatriated to their countries of origin.

He added that the seized funds were handed over to the State Administration of Taxation (AGT) and the diamonds were sent to the Transparency Operations Listing Committee.

Since early January, Cambro has been conducting a “clean-up” operation aimed at stopping illegal activities in the mining area.

Lunda Norte province shares a 770-kilometer-long border with the Democratic Republic of Congo. JVL/HD/Justice

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