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In this podcast, we interview Tim George, the CEO Pensana…


In this podcast, we interview Tim George, the CEO Pensana Metals Ltd who are heading towards being a significant supplier of raw materials to the magnet metal market, and who are currently developing a mine in Angola. 

Tim is here to discuss the opportunities of mining in Angola and the infrastructure that is currently present in the country. We also talk about Pensana Metal’s Longonjo project who will be a significant supplier of raw materials to the expanding magnet metal market – a market driven by the electrification of transport and the drive to green energy generation.


  • Angola has always been focussed on oil in terms of major revenue streams. International concerns have been mining the area for decades. The government is doing its best to turn the economy away from oil and gas now, and is actively promoting mining, tourism and agriculture.
  • The Chinese have put a lot of money into rebuilding the Angolan transport infrastructure, including an essential railway system which has meant a huge access vein has been opened in the country.
  • Developing and maintaining a healthy relationship with the Angolan government has been of huge benefit. But it’s important to have this relationship right the way down through the chain, including with local governments and councils.
  • Access has been a problem in the past, but with the investment in turning the country into an investment opportunity, including clearing land mines, Angola has become a viable target for many international companies.
  • Tim believes that the key to an development going forward is to get out there and integrate as much as possible with the country, not only to decide if the project is right for your company, but also to see if the project is a fit for the environment and its inhabitants. 
  • The impact of any mining operation will be significant, environmentally and economically. We must always make sure that these effects are positive.


’For the first time in 35 years you have cheap hydro-electric power available to that region’

’Now effectively Angola has an over-supply of power’

‘It’s a project that’s designed to make use of the existing infrastructure’

’These windows of opportunity don’t come along very often’

‘You really need to get your boots on the ground’




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