Angola: 208-Carat Diamond Extracted From Lulo Mine

Dundo — The Lucapa Diamond Company announced on Wednesday the…

Dundo — The Lucapa Diamond Company announced on Wednesday the extraction of a 208-carat Type II diamond from the Lulo mine located at Capenda Camulemba municipality, eastern Lunda Norte Province.

According to the diamond company, the stone extracted from block 31 is the 39th diamond with over 100 carat and the second diamond to be recovered in the Lulo mine in October, after the 123-carat Type lla diamond uncovered on block 19.

With a concession of 3,000 cubic metres, Lulo mine employs 630 people and the company has invested an estimated 38 million US dollars since 2018.

Since it began operating in 2010, the mine has shown high potential in terms of quality and quantity reaching the highest value per carat in the world in the first year of operation in the region of 2,985 dollars (3,005 euros).

Lulo is also the mine where the largest diamond yet found in Angola was extracted, with 404, 2 carats sold in May 2016 for 16 million US dollars, further valued 34 million US dollars after being polished and turned into jewelry.

The consortium is composed of the Angolan companies Endiama E.P with 32%, Rosas e Pétalas with 28%, and the Australian company Lucapa Diamond with 40%. HD/MRA/AMP

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