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In this episode, we chat with Graeme Stanway, founder &…


In this episode, we chat with Graeme Stanway, founder & chairman of the company State of Play, a global research platform that publishes the largest global survey on Strategy and Innovation in the Resources sector and has recently released a report with several key insights about the external trends impacting our industry and how industry is innovating and adapting their strategies and business models as a result.

Graeme has gained extensive business and consulting experience in strategy, innovation, and large-scale transformation covering mainly mining and energy commodities, and talks about innovation, transformation, and mining as a brand in our industry.


  • The mining industry needs to focus more on product marketing and branding to unlock value and improve its negative perception.
  • Energy profiles of mining companies are expected to shift towards renewables, with solar and wind being the primary sources.
  • There is a skill shortage in the mining industry, particularly in areas like remote operations and project development.
  • Future research areas for State of Play include exploring physical innovation acceleration, energy downstream processing, and perceptions in the industry.


“The big surprise for me is how much, if you stand back and look at asking questions about what major trends are going to drive the industry, energy has just gone through the roof in the last five years from a very small expectation.” 

“There’s value left on the table, but it’s a question of how you get that. We can only focus on so many things. So on the perception side, that’s on the company branding side, mining’s got, well, from our research, it’s got a very negative perception.” 

“People are well aware of the broad issues, but I’d say leap harder at some of those things where we can be seen positively.” 






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Rob Tyson is the Founder and Director of Mining International Ltd, a leading global recruitment and headhunting consultancy based in the UK specialising in all areas of mining across the globe from first-world to third-world countries from Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia. We source, headhunt, and discover new and top talent through a targeted approach and search methodology and have a proven track record in sourcing and positioning exceptional candidates into our clients’ organisations in any mining discipline or level. Mining International provides a transparent, informative, and trusted consultancy service to our candidates and clients to help them develop their careers and business goals and objectives in this ever-changing marketplace.


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Rob Tyson is an established recruiter in the mining and quarrying sector and decided to produce the “Dig Deep” The Mining Podcast to provide valuable and informative content around the mining industry. He has a passion and desire to promote the industry and the podcast aims to offer the mining community an insight into people’s experiences and careers covering any mining discipline, giving the listeners helpful advice and guidance on industry topics. 

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