A new debit card for unemployment insurance claimants

A new debit card has been given to claimants receiving…

A new debit card has been given to claimants receiving their benefit payments with a debit card by the Unemployment Insurance Agency (UIA). Late in August, claimants began receiving their new debit cards.

Earlier this year, Michigan changed from Bank of America to U.S. Bank as its employer providing unemployment compensation debit cards. New unemployment benefits will begin to appear on the new U.S. Bank debit card on August 25.

Claimants have until November 30 to utilize their present Bank of America debit card. Bank of America has delayed the initial deactivation date of November 1 to give cardholders more time to spend or transfer any remaining money. Check any Bank of America correspondence for updates on important deadlines.

Claimants should read any information they get from Bank of America regarding deadlines and how to use their debit card to obtain monies.

It is not possible to transfer the remaining funds from the Bank of America debit card to the new U.S. Bank debit card, but they can be assigned to a bank or credit union checking or savings account.

Unemployment benefits can be deposited directly into a claimant’s bank or credit union account, or they can use a U.S. Bank debit card. About a quarter of claimants want to be paid with a debit card.

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We will arrange to notify you via email, mail, or through the MiWAM website of the change to debit cards.

Call U.S. Bank Cardholder Services at (866) 335-1890 if you have any questions regarding the new U.S. Bank debit card or if you have not yet received one.

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