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In this episode we have a returning guest who appeared…


In this episode we have a returning guest who appeared back in November 2022 in episode 292 so please also to that episode to see how far Ariana Resources has come in 12 months. Click here to listen to that episode: https://rb.gy/jrndcc

Kerim Sener, Managing Director at Ariana Resources who are an AIM-listed gold exploration and development company focused on epithermal gold-silver and porphyry copper-gold deposits in Turkey. We are also joined by Zack Van Coller, Special Project Geologist for Ariana Resources speaking from Zimbabwe who gives us a geological overview of their projects.

Kerim is an experienced exploration geologist within the junior mining space working across many of the continents during his career where he has identified over 4Moz of gold in Eastern Europe since 2005.

He us an update on Ariana Resources having been at the helm for 2 decades, their projects in Turkey and Zimbabwe and their recent strategic investments within their Asgard Fund, and a new venture into Zimbabwe in conjunction with Rockover Holdings.


  • Ariana Resources is an AIM-listed gold exploration and development company focused on epithermal gold, silver, and porphyry copper gold deposits in Turkey.
  • The company has a strong focus on environmental sustainability and employs various measures to minimise its environmental impact, such as reforestation and using environmentally friendly vehicles.
  • Ariana Resources utilises advanced technology, including the BoxScan multi-sensor core scanning instrument, to analyse rock samples and improve exploration efficiency.
  • The company has a diverse portfolio of projects, including producing assets like Kiziltepe and upcoming projects like Tavshan, which are expected to contribute to future growth and value creation


“We’ve chosen to hold our interests in a much more advanced portfolio than the average exploration company.”

“We’re awaiting further work on that to complete in the coming weeks, but we hope to be at the point of another mineral resource estimate by early next year.”

“We’re just waiting for a market window. Obviously, we want to move Venus to an IPO sooner rather than later.”

“Certainly, we’re looking forward to seeing individuals at Mines and Money. So if anyone’s around and want to chat with us, please come and see us.”


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Rob Tyson is an established recruiter in the mining and quarrying sector and decided to produce the “Dig Deep” The Mining Podcast to provide valuable and informative content around the mining industry. He has a passion and desire to promote the industry and the podcast aims to offer the mining community an insight into people’s experiences and careers covering any mining discipline, giving the listeners helpful advice and guidance on industry topics

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