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In this episode, we chat to Ivan Bebek, Executive Chairman…


In this episode, we chat to Ivan Bebek, Executive Chairman and Director at Auryn Resources, a technically-driven, well-financed junior exploration company focused on finding and advancing globally significant gold, silver and base metal deposits. The Company has a portfolio approach to asset acquisition and has seven projects, in Canada & Peru.

Ivan is an entrepreneur in the mining/exploration sector with over 22 years’ experience with a strong ability to finance, monetize and advance exploration assets into the development stage. We chat about Ivan’s successful trading career before starting an exploration company and bringing together an experience team with a proven track record to find some of the world’s biggest discoveries and development them into Tier 1 asset. With a market cap of around $180 million (CAD), up 45% year to date (Dec 2019), Ivan talks about the company’s future and why it could be an attractive stock for investors.


  • Ivan credits his mentors with helping him to realise his own potential, the rules of the trade and the founding and significance of mining projects.
  • Africa raise royalties from 3.5% to 5%, and release corporate taxes which made initial mines in Ghana unprofitable, and so Ivan and his team were forced to expand and improvise.
  • Through experience, Ivan has learned to be aggressive, to work harder, to buy more and to shop harder for good assets in bad markets when they’re being ignored.
  • Mines are becoming harder to find, supply is an issue on the copper side, plus there’s a rising demand for vehicle electrification, and these factors make Ivan and his projects hugely sought after, and in a marvellous position to assert their dominance.
  • Auryn want to attract investors who want to be part of longer term opportunities, or as Ivan calls them, “longer term thinkers”
  • Auryn has three major opportunities within its portfolio; a technical team well versed in gold, a strong scientific background, and an ability to self-finance.


‘I found a lot of interest in my own world in working on the other side of the business’

‘Every successful person you meet has likely learned from other successful people’

‘Go against the grain when things are going cheap’

‘Our shareholders are one of our biggest weapons’



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Ivan Bebek LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/ivan-bebek-73038763/?originalSubdomain=ca

Auryn Resources – https://www.aurynresources.com/corporate/directors/ivan-bebek/


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